Women Also Struggle With Porn

According to our anonymous surveys of over 1,000 young women at our workshops, 49% use pornography on a regular basis. We know that women struggle, but it’s always heartbreaking to meet them and hear their stories.

We’ve heard countless testimonies just like the one below from women who feel completely alone in their journey. But you are NOT alone. We are all struggling together to live a High Noon life.

The Good News

Ascend for Women is now available. Some very passionate and caring women have stepped up to develop a 90-day recovery course for female strugglers. Learn more.

“I always thought I am the only girl dealing with pornography and masturbation. I don’t even know when it started, but everything that High Noon spoke about hit my heart because all these struggles were mine as well.

Not that I’ve seen hard-core porn, but I’ve seen more and more porn without wanting to. I shared with my whole family about masturbation and they support me, but so far I haven’t been courageous enough to tell them about the porn. Both my siblings have been sexually active and I don’t want to give my parents more pain. They view me like I’m the last hope in our family and that gives me even greater pain. Even when I did a confession, I wasn’t fully honest.

For the sake of my future spouse and for God’s sake, I know I have to be completely honest. Every time I’ve seen porn, I felt, “this is not me.” So thank you High Noon, and I will start to be honest.”

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