Want to support our mission?

Everyone has something to offer. If you want to be part of High Noon’s team, working together to champion True Parent’s vision for sexual integrity through education and building high noon culture, you are in the right place!  Take a look at the roles you can play.


High Noon International is the face of the organization in a world wide level.

Social Media

Join the social media team to help Highnoon.org content to reach more people.

Possible roles: 

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content designer

Event Staff

High Noon’s online and offline events are always happening. Join the event staff team to make these events unforgettable. 

Possible roles: 

  • Chat moderator
  • Promotion
  • Tech Support
  • Prep Team
  • Guest Speaker

Media Production

Join the media production team to improve the quality of High Noon’s digital media. 

Possible roles: 

  • Photographer
  • Video Editor
  • Illustrator


HN Living offers education and support to individuals through small groups, courses, and accountability in order for them to creat a life without shadows. 

High Noon Groups

Experiencing High Noon groups are for people who are not currently struggling with porn but want to learn how to talk about sexuality with their kids, improve their marriage sex life, or prepare themselves for marriage depending on what stage of life you are in. Learn more about these groups here.

Help others live a life of High Noon through facilitating a group of 4 to 5 people.

Types of Groups: 

  • Mothers’ Group // Fathers’ Group
  • Wifes’ Group // Husbands’ Group
  • Single Womens’ Group  // Single Mens’ Group

Ascend Program

Volunteer with the Ascend program by helping people overcome pornography through small groups and/or becoming an accountability partner. 

Possible Roles: 

  • Facilitator
  • Accountability Partner

Content Review

Review High Noon Living’s content to ensure that it is effective, audience appropriate, and accurate.


HN Couples and BMP offer interactive educational content for married couples through retreats, courses and online content. We focus on marriage education within the realm of creating a fulfilling sexual relationship. 

Content Contributor

Help High Noon Couples to share and create valuable and educational content with others couples. 

Possible Role: 

  • Blog/Vlog contributor
  • Project contributor

Content Reviewer

High Noon Couples’ content has to be carefull reviewed in order to ensure that it is accurate, audience appropriate, and does not pose triggering information. 


HN Families offers interactive educational content for parents and children through the School of Love curriculm and courses. 

Testimony Volunteer

High Noon Families is looking for people who would like to share their testimonies about their experience saving sex for marriage. 

This would be share in a 2-10 minutes video. 

  1. If you are a teen, young adult, or engaged couple you can share about “Why are you choosing to save yourself for marriage?” 
  2. If you are a Blessed/Married couple you can share about “Why was saving sex for marriage worth it?”

This would inspire other teens and young adults in their path of purity!


High Noon chapters are branches in specific countries or regions where English isn’t the spoken language. 

Chapter Team

Be part of a team to develop a High Noon in a specific country or area where English is not the spoken language. Organize events, groups and volunteers with your team. 

Possible Roles: 

  • Chapter Staff
  • Facilitator/AP care person
  • Others

Click on your language in the menu to check the possible volunteers roles for Korea, Spanish and Portuguese.


Help translate High Noon’s content into a new lenguage or join a current translation team for Spanish, Portuguese, or Korean.

Possibles Roles: 

  • Translator 
  • Translation reviewer