This Virus Thing…

Contributed by Andrew Love

Everybody is talking about our present global pandemic.

Many are confused and most are scared.

The reason that the fear is so gripping and crippling is that humanity has never gone through such large scale sickness, alongside social media tallying. We’ve never had scorecards for the number of people sickened or killed by this disease on a minute-by-minute basis.

If people are looking for reasons to be afraid of leaving their homes, then they presently have an endless supply.

It is nothing to laugh at because we truly don’t understand what we’re facing just yet. We don’t comprehend the contours of this virus, so everything said is merely speculation.

At High Noon, we are 100% pro-heavenly sexuality. We want God to dwell in the sex shared by loving, committed blessed families.

Because of this, we also have to acknowledge a very insidious virus known as internet pornography. It has negatively impacted millions of lives and destroyed countless families.

This is the core reason we at High Noon, have been unrelenting in our efforts to help people break free from their bondage.

Pornography is impacting so many people and yet, the symptoms don’t present themselves immediately. For this reason, many people take the problem far too lightly.

Although families are breaking apart, although the world is becoming more confused and distant from God, it is still difficult for people to clearly identify sex as the underlying root cause.

After touring the world, High Noon is more convinced than ever that FAMILY is the starting point of the kingdom of heaven on earth and that sexuality, is the glue that keeps families together.

However, pornography is causing the glue to erode and fall apart.

Sexuality is what keeps lineage, life, and love perpetuating throughout history, so why would we take it lightly?

Humanity will absolutely find a solution to the COVID-19 problem, the only question is ‘how long will it take?’

True Parents spent their entire lives in the service of helping humanity inoculate itself from the virus of misusing sex and engrafting their sexuality to our Heavenly Parent.

Avoiding the virus of pornography doesn’t make it go away.

Hiding in shame only makes the virus grow stronger.

High Noon has a way to help you recover from pornography.

We encourage everyone who wants to break free to participate in the FREE 15 Day-Challenge. It will help and allow you to find the opportunity to create momentum for recreating yourself.

Be brave. Free yourself.

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