The Fight for Sexual Integrity Is Worth It!

Sometimes we have to face the harsh reality that many men and women—husbands and wives—are struggling in silence with unwanted porn habits, just like the young man who shares his story below.

We always encourage strugglers to take action by taking the 90-day course, joining a support group, and/or getting accountability.

Keep up the fight for sexual integrity! It’s worth it!

“At 11 years old I first got introduced to masturbation through my school friends. I then started looking at pictures and felt terribly guilty and ashamed. I thought I could stop on my own. Then it progressed to videos—more and more extreme. I was still doing well in my life, but I had this secret that was eating at me. It continued all throughout my high school years. I tried to stop countless times. I was very afraid of telling my parents and when I did, it wasn’t absolutely awful, but it wasn’t so good either. Not enough understanding. I also talked to other youth at workshops and had a much older friend who I talk to and who tried to help me. He was like a mentor but, nevertheless, I couldn’t stop. I definitely was addicted.

At 18 I got matched and the process was very difficult and I struggled a lot with depression, which made quitting porn and masturbation even harder. I felt hopeless. Nevertheless, I got Blessed at 19 years old. In the beginning, I could stop masturbating and watching porn for many months, but when we were living together and we had some issues, porn and masturbating crept back into my life. At one point, my wife asked me about porn and masturbation and I unwillingly confessed. She was very hurt and didn’t understand. She judged me. Up to this point, I could stop masturbating. I haven’t done it in many years. Porn has been a different issue, though. I still struggle with that. I am 25 now. My wife has become much more understanding and supportive and she tries to be my accountability partner. I still don’t feel completely free to share with her, but we are working on it. More support and understanding during my youth would have been really good. I can’t overcome this alone although I thought I could.”

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