Should I Be An Accountability Partner?

Everyone benefits from a friendly reminder. It helps us stay focused on our goals. The person who does the reminding benefits as well. They become more aware of the value of discipline and integrity in their own lives.

Be the Friendly Reminder

Maybe someone has asked you to be an Accountability Partner. They need help to overcome their habit, and you are someone they trust. That’s a big step for them, and they’re only asking you to be a person who can offer that friendly reminder.

Or perhaps you are just very concerned with this issue and want to help those struggling with it.

What is an Accountability Partner?

Someone who can listen and be supportive of a person who is struggling to overcome an unwanted habit. An Accountability Partner is a person who can be available for check-ins on a daily or weekly basis. A person who can be trusted to be non-judgmental and keep this relationship confidential.

Who can be an Accountability Partner?

Anyone who is trustworthy, sincere, and uncritical can be an Accountability Partner. Some good candidates for this role might be a trusted aunt or uncle, a minister, or a peer who has had success in overcoming the habit. For the average Accountability Partner, just a little education about the habit can go a long way.
A person who is an expert on the journey, or at least an expert on some aspect of healthy living, would make a good Accountability Partner. There is a need for guidance or suggestions about other aspects of living beside recovery.

What does an Accountability Partner do?

An Accountability Partner (AP) would be the person who receives the reports from accountability software such as Covenant Eyes. The AP reviews the reports, and checks in with the person they are helping to see how they’re doing. An AP listens, offers positive support, and acts as a reminder about strategy and goals. The AP and the person they are supporting can make their own schedule for check-in calls and other ways to connect.

If you’re ready to be an Accountability Partner and join our team of other APs, then take our free course to get started!

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