Sexual Northstar

It seems that in this modern era, children are being raised in a culture that has no Northstar guiding their sexual lives because there’s no clear destination. There are no clear standards to keep people moving forward in such a situation because after all, what is forward if you don’t have a destination?

So amidst the unclarity, children are left to figure everything out by themselves.

They are piecing together from the actions of their sex from their pop idols, their friends, videos on the internet – and especially from porn. The biggest travesty in this scenario is that the blind are leading the blind. There is no sexual wisdom in this scenario because there’s no actual helpful information being transposed, rather a series of confusing breadcrumbs that are leading people into sexual isolation.

In a world that is becoming less religious and more isolated.

This is wreaking havoc on our present and subsequent generation’s ability to connect with sexuality that leads them towards lasting, love, joy, and most of all, towards God. During the ‘free love’ movement of the hippies, parents were systematically removed from the conversation about sex. Granted, during that time in history Christians were by no means ambassadors on the topic.

The Puritan spirit prevailed and prudishness was how sexuality was approached as a topic.

God’s love and vision were not invited into the conversation, but rather judgment, persecution, and painful silence. At least these parents loved their children though. In spite of their own difficult relationship with sexuality, they could still “be there” for the kids during tough times. After all, they’re the ones that created their children from sex.

And that is traditionally how you would find out about sex—by talking with somebody in your family, neighborhood, or tribe.

Think about the present state of sex. The last people we would ever choose to speak with about are the very same people who raised us. The ones who ultimately educate us, and persuade us to live a certain way are people that we’ve never met.

In this paradigm, love, intimacy, closeness, and relationships have been removed from sex. You heard that right. Sex and relationships are becoming strangers to one another. Thanks to porn, almost any trace of humanity has been extracted from the sexual equation, that’s the result when people become consumable objects.

New normals are being forged constantly because people are exploring strange new territory in search of sexual meaning and connection. Connection just so happens to be the very thing that they are fundamentally not able to extract from heartless materialistic centered sex.

When you focus on the body, you miss out on the universe that the person contains within them.

Porn teaches us to reduce people to body parts, to squeeze them into our kinks. But this modality fundamentally misses the point of the entire transaction. Sex is designed to connect us to each other, and connect us to our Heavenly Parent.

In all areas of life, if we lack a clear goal then we are bound to waste a great deal of time and energy. We won’t ever make meaningful progress without the meaning we ascribe to our actions. A simple analogy is that of fitness:

If you have no goals for your physical health, it becomes very easy to adopt whatever standard is most convenient for you. Conversely, it becomes very difficult to know whether you are out of shape until you try to do something that challenges your physical fitness.

But why would you try to stay in shape unless you had goals?

That’s why, especially during this phase of humanity – when most people in developed nations are live sedentary lifestyles – people become wholly out of shape, and much unhealthier than they even know. The miracle of setting a goal is that the clearer your goal becomes, and the more you pursue that goal, the more crystal clear your limitations also become.

Your suffering stops being a mystery.
Your symptoms become more acute.

If you were to try to run a marathon, it would become blazingly apparent that the food you consume impacts your ability to function at a high enough level to run said marathon. Without the goal of running a marathon, it doesn’t matter which food you consume or how much exercise you get.

The moment you commit yourself to fulfill the goal of running a marathon, every single thing you put in your mouth and everything you do with your body becomes vastly important to you succeeding in that achieving that goal.

Let’s take that back to sexuality, without connecting your sexuality to an ultimate purpose, you will wander around and have no standards to live by.

At High Noon, we have come in contact with thousands of people from around the world, and even those who are devoutly religious most often lose the ability to control themselves when the purpose of maintaining their purity becomes unclear.

When you have clear standards and a clear goal, you are bound to bring the best of yourself to the fore.

Let me say plainly:

Let heavenly sexuality be your guiding star and let your standards keep you on the right course. If your standards are clear, it will be natural to set habits that fulfill those standards, and your life will be on a collision course with the life of your dreams.

Otherwise, you will be wandering around sexually confused for the rest of your days.

Contributed by Andrew Love

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