Sex & Liberation

The concept of freedom is being thrown around quite a lot these days.

Everyone wants freedom, in fact, many are demanding it!

During these difficult times, so much nuance can be lost in the chaotic shouts of frustration. In the midst of our cultural melee, many are making a request that simply can’t be granted.

Is it so simple, clean, and clear to demand freedom?

If you can take it back from someone, how then did they get your freedom in the first place?

If you study the lives of those who have survived great tragedies such as war, famine, and the great depression, a common thread can be found linking those who triumphed over these trying times:

As William Wallace said in the film Braveheart, “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!”

Freedom isn’t something that is given or taken away by HUMANS, it’s freely given to us by God, our Heavenly Parent.

Although some may infringe upon your personal space, your physical health, or worse, threaten your mental and emotional stability, the freedom you experience as God’s child remains a personal choice that you can make, and that you need to constantly remind yourself of!

There are people in jail who are in essence more ‘free’ than many who walk the streets.

Think about those who feel trapped by their jobs, stuck in abusive relationships, or chained to their addictions. What does freedom mean to them?

Freedom should not be defined by our physical limitations as its power comes from what we experience in our minds and hearts.

In retrospect, the world was against Jesus and plotted to stop him, so they tortured and hanged him on the cross. Yet, Jesus died a free man because his love for humanity enabled his message of peace to transcend his misery and thrive in our society today.

Similarly, our beloved True Parents went through hellfire because their existence threatened far more than the basic definition of freedom. The world attempted to silence them, kick them out, and end their lives because they aimed at proving that freedom comes from God, our Heavenly Parent!

You cannot hold back the floodgates of God’s love with mere societal concepts!

Most importantly, when it comes to sex, True Father explicitly started almost every public speech he gave with The Fall of Adam and Eve. He spoke about how their self-centered desire for sex was the origin of every ounce of pain experienced on earth until today.

Sex has enslaved humanity for centuries but mastering it will be our golden ticket to liberation!

We are now being tasked to clean house and root Heavenly Sexuality in our Minds, Hearts, and Lives. In order for humanity to truly be free, YOU must become free.


You cannot give what you don’t possess.

You cannot offer freedom if you haven’t mastered it.

And you have no right to take away another’s through your selfish actions!

Liberate your mind from the slavery of porn and free your heart from self-centered sexuality.

Develop Sexual Integrity and clear the path for humanity’s liberation by becoming the owner of your destiny.

Nothing can break your spirit if your essence is rooted from within.

Contributed by Andrew Love

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