Finding an Accountability Partner

If you are looking to get accountability in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have provided the means to get in touch with one of our trusted APs.

Who are our APs?

Accountability partners are awesome volunteers who've decided to help someone else travel the journey of recovery and growth. Often they have travelled this journey themselves.

Their role is to help you stick to your goals and action steps. They may call you out if you're out of alignment with your goals, and they may ask you questions to help you clarify or digest an experience.

Accountability partner commitments:

Protect the confidentiality of participants

Respond promptly to participants’ messages

Will empathize and avoid judgement

Message if no check-in arrives after 3 days

At least 3 months of communication

Next Steps For You

If you don’t have one already upload a profile picture. 

Next to each AP is a message icon which allows you to contact them. If you have trouble reaching someone or there are no one available please reach out to us using the “Need help?” button at the bottom of this page. Message an AP of the same gender.

The purpose of this first call is to meet and share expectations. This is where it is important to express how the AP can support you best.

We recommend you send a check-in to your AP at least once a day. Whatever you decide, make that commitment to your AP.

If any issues arrive let us know so we can assist as needed. Inform us if you and your AP will be concluding the partnership, whether that is at the end of 3 months or before. 

Our Team of APs

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