Preparing for Heavenly Intimacy: A Program for Newly Blessed Couples

Hello High Nooners!

Today I just wanted to talk about a great new program we launched a few weeks ago called ‘Preparing for Heavenly Intimacy’ (PHI).

At High Noon, we’re always looking for ways to help our community develop and maintain the highest expression heavenly sexuality possible. Sometimes we take a more generalized approach, like with Ascend (all ages welcomed!!), and other times we focus on specific demographics.

PHI is the latter.

This program was specifically designed for couples who recently received the Marriage Blessing. It’s a program we intend to offer whenever the Holy Blessing Ceremony occurs. The reason we created this program is to offer new couples the opportunity to start their married life on the right foot and build a strong foundation for their eternal intimate relationship.

You see, many young people don’t have any guidance at all when it comes to starting their sexual relationship. They’re asked to maintain sexual abstinence all the way until marriage, but few are given even basic instructions as to the internal or practical nature of sexuality once sexuality becomes an option for them.

So, we offered these young couples the chance to hear weekly lectures on Heavenly Intimacy for a total of 6 sessions, as well as create an environment for them to share their thoughts and feelings amongst each other.

They break out into groups during the call to share about the week’s content, and are also encouraged to meet up in groups to go deeper throughout the week with their peers.

What has been a wonderful surprise is all the questions that have been coming our way. After the first session with Robert and Carina, we offered participants the chance to stick around and ask any question they might have.

In past programs a few people might linger around, and a couple questions might be eventually asked. But this time the majority of participants stayed and the Q&A lasted nearly as long as the initial session!! The energy was infectious. 

This has since become a bit of a weekly tradition. The participants have so many questions and are so eager to inherit any wisdom they may glean.

It’s really wonderful to see.

Through this program, we’re able to talk about private things together as a community. It feels both communal and personal at the same time.

These freshly wed couples are able to feel as though they’re apart of a swath of other newlyweds who all want thriving blessings for themselves. It’s a powerful dynamic to behold.

Although young love is naturally beautiful to observe on its own, when it’s paired with intentionality and community, it becomes nothing short of majestic.

We believe that by having these conversations and by helping these young couples center their love on Heavenly Parent, they’re able to cultivate more trust as a couple and ultimately set the foundation for a stronger marriage for the future.

I’ve you’re not yet Blessed, we can’t wait to see you in this program someday.

I can see Preparing For Heavenly Intimacy becoming a very powerful tradition within our movement for many generations to come.

Thank you for reading.

See you next week 🙂
Andrew Love

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