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#4 – The Founders of High Noon | DAVID & MITSUE

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David and Mitsue Wolfenberger share how their Divinely-inspired passion to see couples have fulfilled marriages through integral sexual relationships, which has led to the creation of the one-of-its-kind High Noon program.

  • What is robbing people from having great intimacy in relationships?
  • What teachings of True Parents are the foundation for High Noon’s approach?
  • What do David & Mitsue find most rewarding about having created High Noon?


Episode Transcript:

Andrew Love: Hello, and welcome back. I just wanted to clarify some terms that were used because the Wolfenberger interview is very valuable. They’re an amazing couple. And some of the words used are familiar to you if you are part of the Family Federation, but a lot of people aren’t that are listening to this. So terms like The Blessing. David Wolfenberger said, going to the blessing or they are blessed, and that is our term for when people get married. There’s the marriage ceremony typical to the rest of the world where the government recognizes your marriage. And then the blessing ceremony is specifically getting married in the name of God as recognized by the Family Federation community. And blessed families, obviously are families that have gone to the blessing. Second generation are children of that blessing. And hunduke is another term that was used and that stands for reading and sharing God’s word. And that’s another tradition in the Family Federation community. The unification is community. And lastly, True Parents. This is a term, the English translation of the term of the founders of the family Federation. We are a part of a group of people, an international family that is devoted and dedicated towards creating peace through the family not expecting politicians or anybody else to do the work of creating peace. But first finding it within our own hearts and within our family. So that’s what we’re devoted to. And that’s why we have some of our own secret language which is now revealed. So enjoy this episode and see you later. Welcome to another episode of Love, Life and Legacy. This is a great episode we’re gonna welcome the founders of High Noon, The Wolfenbergers, David and Mitsui Wolfenberger. It’s gonna be amazing. Let’s just get into it. Welcome everybody. This is episode number two. And I’m here Andrew Love along with…

Sammy Uyama: Sammy Uyama

Andrew Love: Glad you there, glad you’re there. And to continue from last week. Last week we gave you the kind of origin story of where High Noon came from. All the events that occurred, you know, the kind of formation of all these bits and pieces to create this beautiful tapestry. But none of it would have been possible without the momentum and the heart and the strength and the power and the passion of the couple. And the money! Absolutely. And the money of the founding couple, of the Wolfenbergers. And we have them on the show today. It’s extremely rare that you see a couple devote so much of themselves. It’s something that there’s very little reward and it’s just purely giving. And it’s rare to the point where when we go places people are shocked by wait, what do you want from me? Oh, you just want to help? Why? You know, this kind of thing. But they’ve created an entire movement of giving and healing. And we want to get to the heart of how that’s possible. Where does that come from? So first we’d like to welcome uncle David Wolfenberger and Mitsue Wolfenberger.

David Wolfenberger: Thank you, Andrew. And I would just, I would just have a little difference to you. You said something that it’s that there’s no reward to while there. We have found that there is an incredible reward in doing this work and helping people to to create their sexual integrity and to create the foundation for a beautiful, happy blessing. It’s just really amazing. I think the most. I think it’s the most precious thing that you can help somebody with.

Andrew Love: Yes, yes. So High Noon, you know in the in the previous episode, we talked about you know, the Blessed Marriage Project turning into Pure Mind Online turning into High Noon.

Sammy Uyama: I a lot of people could think, okay, these people started this organization, they must be pastors or it must be counselors. You know, there’s some, this is along their line of professionally with, you know that with, they’ve been around their whole lives. So, but it’s not the case at all. What makes your guys’ story so amazing is where you come from. It’s just a normal family, that you involved in your local community. But other than that, you’re just business owners and you’ve just spent the past 20, 30 years investing in your business and that’s what you’ve been doing. And then you recognize this need and then you began investing in it. And so could you give us a brief background of like who you guys are so we know who we’re talking to.

David Wolfenberger: Sure. And I used to think that, like, I had no qualifications. Like, sometimes I share about a friend of mine, calling me and just telling me that I’ve done so many great things, Mitzi and I’ve done a lot of great things. And but we have absolutely no qualifications. Not a pastor, like I said. No educational background, no training, therapist or anything like that; church leaders. But the more that I’m into it, the more I believe that this was preparation. My years of business and just being… maybe not being a leader was preparation for this. Because Mitzi and I, we wanted to, we wanted to share what we have in our marriage with other couples. Because we saw other couples, they didn’t have that. You know, they didn’t always have that love. Like Mitsue, she was talking with a group of women. And one of the women, I think she put it very well. She said, I love my husband, but I’m not in love. And that’s something that we’ve felt for a long time. And it’s something that we really wanted our brothers and sisters to get, our nieces and nephews to get. That was the heart. And of course, True Parents are very passionate. Father speaks very passionately about marriage and about man-woman relationship. He speaks in great detail about it. Yeah, like nobody else. He’s really the heart behind it. But that was where, that was where our work with couples with Energized Retreats began from when we really got. And it just hit me like a, like a ton of bricks when I realized that internet pornography was robbing so many plus families from this. And so many children have even the opportunity to, even the chance to create like a healthy sexual template and to give them a chance to have a healthy intimate relationship. We realized that while something’s gotta be done…

Andrew Love: Can I ask like, because you at that time, we’re putting on these retreats for couples and this conversation of pornography was coming up a lot. Was it, was it making you feel kind of annoyed or frustrated that why is this happening? Reach back if you can, and then start thinking about like, where were you at when you were just like what what is going on? We got to do something about this. Like what were you feeling at that time?

David Wolfenberger: Well, most people know us now as the founders of High Noon. But back then we wanted to be anonymous when we were sponsoring the Energized Retreats. And so actually, the first Energize Retreat that we attended was the one that was here in Seattle. And that was really when, that was the first men’s breakout session that I was in and women, let’s see, went to the woman’s. I wasn’t really so much a part of workshops and stuff, although we were part of camps. But the honesty, the level of honesty, never got to that level where young people or men shared about their struggles. And this time it did. It got to that level of honesty. And it was, it was very clear that this is something that, because it happened to me, too. I stumbled on pornography and I developed the pornography habit that I struggled with for years. And I was able to have victory over. But you know, realizing that this same battle is like, even more intense for the young people who stumble on it with their kids, which is it’s, it’s such a sad thing. So that was really the the time when we said, Mitzi and I, we just said to each other, wow! We we have to, we have to put our, the full force of our… of our passion, of our finances, of our marriage into this. Into finding a solution for this.

Andrew Love: And were you both equally committed at the same time? Or did you first, the spark of righteousness strike you first, Uncle Dave, and then you kind of pass it on to Aunt Mitsue,? Or like, Aunt Mitsue, where were you at?

Mitsue Wolfenberger : I was the same place as most Japanese systems. So I said, okay, you, you go. You go to the this summit, that Christian. I didn’t sign up. I didn’t think I can do anything about. I have no idea. But then David said, you come with me. You sign up, actually. Then I went there. And then I saw God’s working on that.

Andrew Love: So you were just kind of following along at first, then, you caught up.

Mitsue Wolfenberger: So when, when the 40 people who run the Unification Church Movement came to that summit, I knew God was behind it.

Andrew Love: Yeah. Because that, I mean, that was the biggest group at the entire summit, right?

Mitsue Wolfenberger: Yep.

Andrew Love: Yeah.

David Wolfenberger: Mitzi. I think she, she downgrades her role, a little bit too much. She is really the heart behind this because she’s my motivation and my passion.

Sammy Uyama: Just to kind of recap what was said, because it’s really profound. Just so you know, we’ve got this amazing couple that we’re, we’re just feel blessed to have a wonderful marriage. And I mean, how much two into two individuals need to be really remarkable people in order to create that itself. But you know, the past several decades, they’ve just had the experience of an amazing marriage. And they just had the heart that they wanted that for other people, you know, not just keep that for themselves. But starting with that heart to allow for other couples to get what they need, get the education, the tools in order to create their own really radiant marriage. And so that was just the very beginning of that heart and that generosity and putting their own, you know, and also having a very successful business and putting their own financial resources behind supporting that. And then through that discovering how much pornography was affecting people and blocking them from creating those kinds of marriages. And then becoming even more committed to that cause. And I just want to really just emphasize the amazingness of what it takes for you to kind of just because the way you talk about it, it’s all like a given and yeah, of course we did this right. And, and, but like how many, like Andrew said at the beginning: it is so rare to find a couple that is as committed and generous as you to are to seeing radiant marriages in the world. And not just hoping for that but really being a cause and being responsible for that. And being, and causing that in the world. And so not being not pastors, not being, not having any form of official leadership or experience with social endeavors or, and nonprofits and things like that.

Andrew Love: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I’ve found that when you see another couple struggling, you can have two reactions. A very kind of heavenly reaction to say, “what can I do to help?”  And another reaction, let’s just call it the opposite, which is judging them. Judging them and feeling superior to them that I’m better. And so this is a couple that’s, that their motive prime motivation was to help other couples have something better instead of judging them. And so way back when, when you guys said, okay, let’s, let’s do something about this, did you really have a sense that what you were about to embark on was creating an international movement. Like, I know we all kind of hope when we create something that it’s going to catch on and we’re going to help a lot. But like, did you have a really strong sense that what you were about to do was going to impact the lives of people all around the world?

Mitsue Wolfenberger: So first, David said, um, God has blessed us so much. Okay, like finances and a blessing. So he said, we want to give back. That was the first thing. Right? So but we didn’t have a qualification. We didn’t know what to do. So we get that people and ask what can we do, we can give this much. What we should be doing with this. And then they came with, “Have a managed retreat?”1` That’s how that’s it. Yeah.

David Wolfenberger: Good. To answer your question, Andrew. I had absolutely no doubt that this was going to become a worldwide organization because of the huge need. Nobody was meeting. It’s like, I’m a businessman. That’s what I do. And so this is mad, like the dream of every businessman is have a product. To find, to discover a new product that everybody wants, and you’ve got no competition. And believe me, there is absolutely no competition talking about pornography and about sex. And it was that feeling. Everybody needed it. Everybody needed True Parents’ insight on their understanding about the value and the holiness of sex in a world that was treating it so unholy. And so just like trash.

Andrew Love: Well, let’s… can we touch on that real quick? I think, why not? Because this podcast is going to be listened to over the years by a very broad audience. So you’re talking about True Parents, Reverend and Mrs. Moon. And so what about their teachings is so unique that really, that helps you make a statement like? That helps you feel so kind of powerfully equipped to deal with sexual issues?

David Wolfenberger: Well, I just gave a sermon about 10 days ago on the holy sexual organ, mostly words from Reverend and Mrs. Moon, and their profound understanding of how this is the way not only that we transfer our physical characteristics through all of our genes, our genetic material on to the next generation into the future; but it’s the way that, it’s like the way that God bestowed creativity on his children. And that was a beautiful thing. And everyone sees this as that this part of our body that we treat, most commonly is treated with so much shame. And He sees this as being something holy. And yes, we should, we shouldn’t, you know, like, it should be our private place, because it’s kept only for our future spouse or for our spouse. And in that context, it’s the source of joy. It’s the source of children. It’s the connection that we have, into the future way beyond our limited,our few years here on the earth. It’s a way that we, that we, that we relate with our, the husband and wife relate unselfishly together. Sex is such a beautiful thing. And that’s what that’s what I’ve learned because I didn’t really come to this ministry with all this, you know, knowledge or wisdom. It’s what I’ve learned after studying True Parents’ words for quite a while. And also I think a lot of the heart behind this is really God’s heart because God created, He created the universe and, like, I don’t know, it took 10, 20 billion years, something like that. And he created it with, with, like the ability to perpetuate, to continue. And He created us with that same kind of perpetuity through and it’s done through sex. And so, this, this thing which is being treated in such a, in such an objective way, in such a self centered way, in such a dirty way, is something that’s so holy to God, and so beautiful to him. And you know, God, it’s something that God wants. This movement, High Noon, is something that God wants. Something that God needs and all people need. I really believe that when people get, when they’re able to gain sexual integrity and take back control of their sexuality, I believe that they’ll be so empowered to solve all the other problems in the world. You know, global warming. Energy. Resource depletion. Inequality. Economic inequality. Inequality around sex, around race.

Sammy Uyama: By the way, I’ll unpack this a little bit. So sex is such a vital part of our lives. And I think that really, everything you just shared really gets at the heart of the name of this podcast is you know, we’ll go into each of these elements but you know, love life and lineage. That’s the title of this podcast. And we named it that because we, you know, this is a podcast about sexuality and sex. And we felt that that was at the root of these three areas and these three areas are at the root of all the things important to us in our lives. And so we’ll go into each of those areas and like kind of how they ripple out into all the areas of importance that you can think of. But I think that really expresses very deeply kind of like the heart, the idea, the concept behind this podcast and you know what we want to be talking about. And the cherry on top is that it happens to be fun. All these amazing things, he talked about sex and and who knew that it’s something you could actually enjoy?

David Wolfenberger: Yeah, it does. Sex does have a ripple effect. in every area of our life. In every, in every area of society of the world. It has a huge ripple effect.

Andrew Love: I mean, one of the questions we were gonna ask later you touched on even use the words which is, you know, what I want people to get. But I just want to summarize, I would love for you to summarize really. Like the potency of the essence of what kind of impact you hope High Noon can make? Right? Like what do you want people to really get from High Noon? You said that you feel that it’s from God and you feel like the entire world needs it. But what exactly do they need from this movement? This High Noon movement? What do you feel? And I’d love to hear from both of you, by the way.

David Wolfenberger: Okay. Well, I think the, really the core of this is connection. That through sex… sex is created by God in order to connect us to; connect man and woman. It’s such a beautiful thing. It’s the thing that we like I shared it’s like when you have a best friend, and there’s a certain place, secret place that only you and your best friend know about. Only you and your best friend go to. And this is the, this is what sex is between a husband and wife. This is shared exclusively between husband and wife. And it was, it’s what makes us so special. And it’s the way that God wanted to, to bond husband and wife. To make that bond greater than any other bond between friends or between coworkers, is a unique bond with benefits, like Sammy said.

Andrew Love: So you want them to experience that, that deep connection?

David Wolfenberger: D deep connection. Yes. And it can be a connection of joy and of heart. Of knowing that you have somebody in your life which, who is, who wants nothing more than to please you. It’s really cool.

Andrew Love: Just went to a very happy place. What about you, Aunt Mitsue? What do you, what do you feel? What do you really hope that people get from this, this High Noon movement?

Mitsue Wolfenberger: I think about the sex, since you’re an old man, because we don’t talk about that. And so, people go to the hiding, you know, hiding mode. Go to the secret place and do things that nobody… because nobody knows they do secret things. But yeah, we know this is coming from the fault. Adam and Eve’s kids in their lower part and that is something to do with, with the shame came from there. I want the people to know that was the fault and the fault a man. I, but, God, that’s high, you know. He he doesn’t want to ask to hide. In one, Father said, this is the call of universe. That was a very powerful statement, you know, sexual organ and sex. It’s a call of universe, that, that’s the word I, I want the people to really grasp it. And I wanted them to think and get it.

Andrew Love: Yeah. An incredibly powerful statement, right? That sexuality is the core of the cosmos, right? The universe, the cosmos. Glad I asked. Glad I asked. And in terms of like, you know, creating this, you know, High Noon has now been around the world. Everybody definitely within the Family Federation movement probably knows about us, right? At the very least they’ve heard, they’ve heard of High Noon, right. But what, what has been the most difficult part about founding High Noon and bringing it to this point? Because you’re working with many different pieces, you’re working with different cultures, you’re, you know, different personalities. So, is there anything that you remember that was particularly difficult? You know, and that’s the, I asked this for so that people can understand how difficult it has been to get to this point, you know? Because it’s been blessed for sure and been guided. But there’s also been challenges. But also for other people who are out there who feel really righteous, you know, indignation about something and they would like to start a movement or join the movement so that they can understand that it’s not always just green lights that sometimes there’s yellow lights or red lights in the way. Can you think of anything in particular that that was difficult along the way?

David Wolfenberger: Well, I think if I’m honest, I have to, I have to admit that yeah, there’s a… I had to challenge myself. This you know, speaking about sexuality didn’t come natural for me. Sharing with people about my mistakes and about my bad habits didn’t come natural to me. So I think, I think, you know, that was a challenge. And next, just going against the current of the culture. It’s like, it was like just going upstream just every step seemed like it took effort. So many different cultures like he say, that we’ve been to. Many of them are not as free and open as we are in America. Yeah. And so there were… there are… there were and are cultural barriers. There were barriers in, in our church and it’s kind of ironic, saying is, you know, being that Father, talks so openly about it. I don’t think, I don’t think the memo got pastor… It’s funny, some of the, some of the churches that we go to – they have hunduke. And so we’ll, we’ll go and we’ll pick out the chunks on Yon and we’ll look at, they’ve got, like some of them like a hundred of little those little tabs coming out of it you know, those page markers. And there’s no page markers so the chapter is about sex. It’s like I don’t know if they speed read or if they skip.

Andrew Love: Got it. So you see cultural, culturally there is some difficulty. There is just even the culture within the movement itself right of let’s just not talk about this now. Let’s, let’s do it later Let’s do it later, or let’s ignore this for now. Anything else that you can think of?

David Wolfenberger: Yeah, well, True Mother is, she is very focused on establishing providential goals. And I think, I think some of the leadership, I can understand they’re quite busy and focused on this. They don’t seem to have, they don’t seem to realize how important it is to, to live, according to the True Parents’ words. It’s up to you to really incorporate True Parents’ words into their, their being. It’s, it’s not an easy thing. And that’s, I think that’s one thing that, that is probably challenging. It’s probably been the biggest challenge. And I’m not just separating out leaders. There’s, when we speak with a hundred people, there’s… it depends on the venue. But some people may respond, they respond and they share how in their testimonies, especially in their anonymous testimonies, they shared quite openly about about their struggles. The number of those people who actually sign up for a recovery program and seek out an accountability partner to share with honestly, is, is not that many, because it’s such a huge challenge, to be honest with another person and to be open about, about, you know, sexual mistakes that you made. It is just, it’s just a huge challenge. We are seeing those people come like one by one, come to recovery and asking for accountability. We’re seeing people who have gained victory. We’re seeing people going to The Blessing in February, who were like in some cases, pretty much they thought hopelessly addicted to pornography. And now they’ve got a big stretch of sobriety under their belt, and they’re going to The Blessing. And they have a really happy, hopeful future ahead of them. We’re seeing that. And it’s like, it’s like I shared in the, in the letter with Forgiving Tuesday that this is like, it was the, the… It was like just the dark of night that we were in. It seemed like so many of our second gen thought like they were the worst people in the world. They thought they were hopeless. They thought that they were the only one struggling with this. Nobody was talking about it. Yeah, one by one. Now we’re seeing people stand up and giving testimony and people who are gaining victory in recovery and their sharing their experience. And it is like, we’re seeing like a, just a glimmer of, just a glow of the new day; the new dawn. And I I fully believe that you know, just like, just like you wake up before dawn and you see that glow on the horizon. And then before you know it, it’s daytime. And I really think that’s the way it’s got to be.

Andrew Love: Well since we’re kind of already leaning towards positivity, we’ll, I’d love to know… you know, what, what is the most rewarding part about all this? Because even in the very beginning of this conversation, I was saying you had this, you know, there’s no reward but, I meant as a businessman, you know, you’re… it’s, it’s all out, going out. Money not coming back in. As a nonprofit, it’s living up to its title. But what, what do you get in terms of the benefits? Like, what, has been coming back to you?

David Wolfenberger: Andrew, Mitzi and I, we both feel that we, we receive so much more than we give. High Noon, it’s just given us so much more that we’ve invested into it. I get contacted by people just all the time, saying, just last night during a movie. Someone sharing to me about, that they’re, guess what, Dave, I’m going to The Blessing. And here’s a picture of me and my fiance. And, and those are, those are priceless, you know, to meet people who have a new lease on life. People who really didn’t think they had a chance, and weren’t even going to try to get blessed. And now they’re like, you know, in love, you know. That’s just, they’ve got, they’re set up for a happy life. That is so rewarding. Amazingly rewarding.

Andrew Love: So really, the success stories really warm your heart quite a bit.

David Wolfenberger: Definitely, and couples, too. Our ministry is not just, it started out with singles. We realized that a lot of first gen, like myself, struggle with pornography, too. And a lot of couples struggle in their relationship. One thing that we discovered when we started talking about pornography, bad sex, that it was such a great opportunity to contrast the bad sex with the good sex. We began talking more and more about having the intimacy, which is, which was really where we got started. So it kind of came full circle. But it is very rewarding to hear couples come to us and say how much they’ve gotten out of High Noon education. And that they are, that the relationship between them and their their spouse has transformed. So that’s, that’s very rewarding, too.

Andrew Love: Absolutely you’re part of somebody’s eternity, right? You’re part of their story. That’s huge.

David Wolfenberger: Yeah. And I don’t feel that I do anything. Mitzi and I do anything. But it’s, somehow God is able to work in their lives. And we connect them with True Parents’ words. True Parents give a lot of education, a lot of great education that has not been disseminated. And even if it is read, it’s not read in a way… you know, we share True Parents’ words. We share our own story along with it in our, in our experience of applying those words and how its transformed our relationship. So people can, they can digest those words better and that way.

Andrew Love: What about yourself and Mitsui? What have been the benefits that you’ve experienced? Of spending so much time traveling. And losing your husband sometimes into lengthy conversations as he kind of leaves the atmosphere when he starts talking about his passion.

Mitsue Wolfenberger: I’m very timid person. So I would always shrink when I’m in the public. You know, when they introduced me, I said, please don’t say, I’m really nobody. But they they think I’m very different in Japanese because they think Japanese doesn’t talk about sex, like, doesn’t talk about the relationship or sexual organ or something like that. And then I became so comfortable because of my husband. Think about it all the time. So, I, I gained so much confidence. The Father was it’s… I’m hanging on Father’s word. Father’s word is the power and source and I I’m living very powerful with clarity what I’m doing. Before, I don’t have that kind of confidence because everybody come to me and say, are you sure this is so important? You know and they say you are not (inaudible). You’re not doing some something providential and not plugged into the organization. So, from there now I, studying Father’s words, I feel, this is really the base, that foundation of, for everything that we are doing or we can do. We can be very powerful. To have this understanding is very powerful for me. What High Noon is doing is needed by everybody, right. That’s it. That is an amazing fact.

David Wolfenberger: You know, that’s one thing that High Noon is doing. It’s redefining people’s concept of what is providential. I think people had such a limited concept of what the word providential means. And I think that we’re expanding that. That concept.

Andrew Love: I would agree. Absolutely. The last question formally that we have for you is, you know, who what type of allies and friends have you made along this journey? Because, obviously, you’ve, you’ve been to many continents, you’ve spoke in front of thousands of people, right? You’ve been in meetings with a lot of people, different people from different faiths, you know. Is there any that stick out that, that people that you would have never have met had you not gone down this road and pursued this calling? Any Notable people or relationships that you formed?

David Wolfenberger: Well, unless they came to Westport, Washington, I probably wouldn’t have met them.

Andrew Lov: Nobody ever.

David Wolfenberger: We didn’t get out too much. Yeah, and now we met like every net, virtually every national leader. And so many members in Europe and just all over the world. So many amazing people. Josh Dahl, we have a friendship now. And yeah, I’ve met a lot of allies. People realize, people who are involved in the war against pornography, and the battle for sexual integrity; they realize that this is a problem that’s bigger than any one of us. And if we don’t unite, if we can’t unite, then we’re not going to get victory. So it’s something that True Father wanted to do for you, like, his whole life. He wanted to bring these people together. Who would have thought pornography would be the means to do that? But it seems to be doing just that, that and a lot of times I think people do need a, like a, like an enemy to rally around. You know, that’s what has been the rally point for, for a lot of, a lot of movements that have that brought solidarity and unity.

Andrew Love: Common foe, yeah. What about yourself? And Mitsue, is there any friends that you’ve formed or people that you really were so inspired by that you met because of all the work that you have been following?

Mitsue Wolfenberger: Okay, so Japanese sisters, they feel I’m somebody that they can come to, they can talk to. And when I speak, in front of my husband, then they said, wow, wow, how can you, how can you think like that? And so I say because of defense (?), you know? Because of that. And then I, I tell them please read this, and then they contacted me. They are very grateful. I have so many Facebook friends. I have so many Facebook requests, friend requests. And I started to communicate with them from all over the, all over the world. And most of, mostly I meant to ask young second gen. They still communicate with me. That would never happen (inaudible) time and I like that.

David Wolfenberger: Yeah, I think when you can speak authentically with people, either a one-to-one or publicly, that you can touch them in a way that… nobody’s spoken authentically in the area of sex with them before, you know? Nobody who cares about them, anyway, is really concerned about their future and concerned about them getting victory over their problems. So when you’re able to connect with people on that level, then it’s so profound. And the friends that I’ve made along the way aren’t just the big-name people: the presidents of, church presidents or church leaders. But it’s, you know, just the score is in the hundreds and probably thousands of second gen. Also, who I’ve been able to connect with, and who can hear my story and say, you know, yeah, well, I think That’s me, you know. And especially people, they, they see that, you know, somebody like myself, you know, not a leader, not anybody’s special at all, you know. If they can have victory over this. So that if their uncle Dave can make a radiant blessing, then maybe I can, too.

Andrew Love: That’s beautiful. I mean, it’s very personable, right? It adds a face to, to their hopes, right. So it’s not some obscure thing that you know we have words that say you could have this and then you have maybe hopes in your heart. But it adds reality to it; a three dimensional reality, right, that people can hear that they could have a better life and it’s not it’s not perfect, but it’s, it’s doable. It gives somebody motivation instead of some abstract you know, vision that is not really clear, that they’re always trying to, you know, strive for. So that’s, that’s really beautiful.

David Wolfenberger: For sure. And I think that’s really the power behind High Noon is people want to, they want more than just words. They want, they want to see somebody who is vulnerable and somebody who’s honest about their mistakes. And who is really trying to live what they’re saying, you know? It’s not just theory with us. It’s, we, we actually try to live. And I think that’s true with with you, Andrew, and with Sammy, we actually try to live the virtues that we espouse. Virtues of honesty, integrity, accountability, Grace, courage. And where we were honest, we call each other out sometimes we call ourselves out to war when we fall short. And we have a community that we’re building. And I think that’s really the thing that high noon has done.

Andrew Love: So, Sammy, do you have anything for them before we let them go?

Sammy Uyama: I have nothing to add. It was just really amazing to hear from you guys, kind of your heart and background so people can know what’s behind everything that High Noon does.

Andrew Love: Yeah, yeah, they’re, they’re very… just to let everybody know, very clear and steadfast. And you know, if Sammy and I ever wander and get distracted by shiny objects, they don’t. A hundred percent clear and they’re always pushing this thing forward. Just out of love, not out of like a need you know. There’s some people that just push the rock down the road because they’re just kind of like slaves to this idea or whatever. But I really see in the Wolfenbergers it’s a true passion that pulls them. It does. They don’t have to push it. It pulls them. Yeah, we wanted to Interview this couple so that you could understand what is behind, you know, what is behind this website. What is behind all of our talks. What is behind everything that you’ve seen is the passion that this couple has, has kind of sparked between them and the cause and them and God, which has then ignited entire movement. So yeah, we just want to say thank you so much for your time. Thank you for coming on. And of course, as always, if you guys have any questions out there, and if you have any questions for the Wolfenbergers, they’re accessible via our website, highnoon.org. They are also the founders of schooloflove.org. And the Blessed Marriage Project is BMP… it can’t be BMP…

Sammy Uyama: blessedmarriageproject.org

Andrew Love: blessedmarriageproject.org.

Sammy Uyama  45:50

We’re not very creative, we just take the name of the organization and .org.

Andrew Love: It’s so simple, though. It makes sense. It makes good, smart sense. Nothing confusing. So if you want to access them, please go to the websites that we mentioned and find them and talk to them. Ask them questions because this is truly their passion. They love getting messages. And I love communicating with all of you out there. The Wolfenbergers are not on some high place. They’re right down here with everybody, out there in the trenches fighting with all of us. Trying to make this world a better place.

Sammy Uyama: So if actually if, if you, if anyone would like to reach out to you guys, Uncle David, Aunt Mitsui, what uh, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

David Wolfenberger: They can email david.wolfenberger@gmail.

Sammy Uyama: Okay, I appreciate it. And then with Aunt Mitsue, if you want to make yourself available if someone wants to reach out for more questions or to connect?

Mitsue Wolfenberger: Yeah, mwolfenberger@gmail.com.

Sammy Uyama: All right.

Andrew Love: She, by the way, is our web designer She’s our tech person. She does everything.

Sammy Uyama: Our tech support it. Yes. Yeah. So that was david.wolfenberger@gmail and mwolfenberger@gmail. Thanks very much.

Andrew Love: So please, in closing, yeah, just say thanks to everybody and you have any last words or just want to say bye?

David Wolfenberger: No, that’s it. Love you guys. And this journey of sexual integrity, it’s, it’s probably the most difficult thing that a person can ever do in their life. And it’s worth every ounce of effort.

Andrew Love: Yes, thank you for those words. It was a pleasure.

Sammy Uyama: Thank you to our listeners. We’ll see you next time.


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