Parent Check-In with School of Love


Ever feel clueless or overwhelmed? We’re here to help. 🙂

Join us on Monday, Nov. 9 @ 9:30 PM (EST) as we engage in conversations about parenting, relationships, and love. This month we’ll be talking about “Navigating Media”.

Technology is all around us- we can’t escape it! How do we protect our kids and teach them self monitoring skills? With media, our kids can easily be exposed to content that is not age-appropriate. From violence to sexualized media, pornography to cyberbullying, and more.

We’ll share some tips and resources. And would love to hear and learn from you as well! Let’s learn & grow together and support each other in this journey of parenthood.

Leena & Jario and School of Love Team
Directors of HN Families & School of Love

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