[Video] Online High Noon Summit

Experience the High Noon Summit from home!

Learn about healthy intimacy and connect with the vision of a porn-free world of sexual integrity. Join us for informative presentations, moving testimonies, and connecting with others!

“This was a great opportunity to confront a difficult topic head-on. People shared their hearts deeply, practiced vulnerability, and practiced supporting those who trusted them with their deepest thoughts and feelings. To hear statistics and horror stories is one thing, but to hear firsthand about people’s struggles, their triumphs, and ongoing improvements—that helps put much more impact behind the education! Hearing brave volunteers share themselves so vulnerable is immensely helpful.” – Male, 24

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High Noon Concludes 24-Hour Global Summit

On April 25-26, the High Noon team hosted an incredible 24-hour Online Global Summit. It was made possible by the many knowledgeable guest speakers and willing volunteers, and of course by our encouraging viewers. There were 117 guest speakers involved in 29 unique sessions. The live show was shared on Facebook 517 times, bringing in 26,500 total viewers. As we reflected back on this Summit, we can only offer gratitude and praise for the clear hand of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents in making these results possible.