Online Energize! Retreat

Welcome to Energize! Couple Retreat

We are so excited to have you in the program and we want to be sure that you have all the information necessary to have the best experience possible!

Here you will find information about:

1- Recordings

First Day



Introduction and Welcoming of the program. 



Stages of Marriage- John Williams



Key to Strong Marriage – Crescentia DeGoede



Doing Something Different – John Williams



Talking Safely – Crescentia DeGoede

Sex, Health & Happiness – Lena & Christoph Yasutake

Second Day



Marriage Inspiration- John Williams




Romance in Real Life –  Lena & Christoph Yasutake



Art of Kissing – Lena & Christoph Yasutake

The Pursuer-Withdrawer Dance – John Williams



A Recipe of Happiness – Sunmarie & Seung kook Burns 



Talking about Touchy Topics – Leighton & Crescentia DeGoede



Final Exercises

2- Workbook

In order to make this experience the best, we have always offered a printed workbook with the program, including presentation notes and the exercises for your couple to do. Unfortunately this time, because of several circumstances, we were not be able to send it on time. Instead, we want to provide you with a PDF version of the workbook with enough time so that you can print it out if you would like. We strongly recommend printing the workbook to have a better experience during the retreat.

Workbook in Sessions:

3- Schedule

Here you can find the schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Please be sure to come on time so you don’t miss anything. If you cannot make it for some sessions we will be sending out the recordings after a couple days. 

All the times are in the Eastern Time Zone (EST) 

4- Date Night Tips

At the end of the retreat, on the evening of Valentine’s Day, we want you to have a really beautiful Date Night. For that reason we have created these Tips & Tricks for your couple to have the best experience!

5- Get the Best of the Retreat

We are not able to meet in-person but the more we act like we are the better the experience you will have as a couple. Please consider applying these points in preparation for the retreat:

6- Necesary Items

If you are from an international country or you have registered after February 4th we ask you to get the following items as they are going to be necessary during the retreat: 

2 Balloons

A packet of m&m’s

At least 4 crayons per person

A small bottle of coconut oil

7- Join our WhastApp Group

Join the Energize! Retreat WhastApp Group to received any direct information you need, to ask question or to stay connected. 

8- Questions & Support

If you have any questions you can email us at:  or contact Kate Pugnoli and Carina Mendez directly that they will be answering to you as soon as they can. 

Katherine Pugnoli – Liaison 


Phone: 520-490-6182


Carina Mendez – Tech Support


Phone (just WhatsApp): +59894540158