Support Group for Japanese Men | 日本人男性グループミーティング

The Japanese Brother’s Group, organized by Mamoru Uyama and Luke Higuchi, meets online via Zoom every Saturday evening at 8:00 PM (EST). They have been meeting regularly since October 2019.

The members of the group are extending a warm invitation to any Japanese brothers to join their weekly meetings.

日本人男性の為のグループミーティングが毎週土曜日 午後8時(EST)から行われています。

One of the organizers, Mamoru Uyama, shared:

“I participated in the High Noon Summit at the Clifton Family Church in New Jersey. At that Summit, one brave Japanese brother shared his testimony in front of all the participants. In the afternoon, we had many breakout sessions, one of which was a Japanese brothers group meeting. Honestly, I thought, ‘a Japanese group meeting? Who would join that?’

But to my surprise, five Japanese brothers were waiting in the breakout room. Without exaggeration, I saw a miracle take place. In that moment, I knew that our weekly Japanese Brothers Group meetings would be a success. Generally, Japanese people avoid shame and confrontation. Even so, five brothers have joined the group.

Some of the brothers have shared:

‘I have been waiting for this kind of meeting.’

‘So far, I have tried to overcome pornography many times, and almost gave up, so I thought this group would be my last chance. That is why I joined.’

‘Now I can freely have conversations with my wife, and we feel very close.’

‘It was so normal for me to visit porn sites whenever I was bored, especially after work, but now I don’t thanks to the group.’

‘Before I was very lonely and always struggling within myself. But now I don’t have to be because I have these relationships with other brothers.’

‘I used to feel distant from God because of my struggle. Now I feel God is close to me.’

Please join our group or share this info with someone you love!”


日本人男性の為のグループミーティングが毎週土曜日 午後8時(EST)から行われています。

きっかけはNJのクリフトン教会で行われたハイヌーン サミットでした。



その瞬間 “奇跡” を見たと思いました。同時にこの集まりは必ず成功すると確信しました。




「長い間 このような日本人だけの集まりが持てるのを待っていた。」






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