Marjorie Buessing’s Heartfelt Recommendation to Parents

Dear Parents,

I was blessed to be asked to be one of the speakers at the High Noon Global Summit. I was on the panel for Parents. Due to the amazing amount of information packed into the 24-hour straight program, I wanted to write parents this follow-up letter to cover a few very important points I didn’t have time to cover completely.

First, if one of your children at any age or someone you know approaches you about pornography, it is important that you do not overreact or dismiss it as normal or of minor importance. I suggest you prepare well for that probability. I always begin by thanking them for speaking up and recognizing that it must have taken courage on their part. Then, I start by calmly asking questions and carefully listening to their answers. From the point you discover porn in your family, you become your child’s advocate and cheerleader.

How do you prepare for that time? Educate yourself about porn and how it is actively working to addict people of all ages even our very young, as well as both men and women, boys and girls. I suggest you go to the High Noon website to study there and discover all the resources available to your family. I suggest that by the time your oldest child is seven years old that you annually take the free Accountability Partner Training they offer. If your children are older, take it now!

I love High Noon’s School of Love work and I also use Protect Young Minds as a resource too. They also have a wonderful newsletter. I get both newsletters!

Thank you for joining the High Noon Global Summit. May God bless and protect your family.

Sincerely with love,
Marjorie Buessing

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