Connect With People Who’ve Had Success

With perseverance, and support, many people have overcome their unwanted sexual habits and built productive lives and beautiful families. It’s important to hear such stories and keep them in mind to stay motivated, especially as you go through difficult times.

Learn and Connect

Though it’s always inspiring to listen to testimonies of those who’ve been victorious, sometimes it can be more valuable to connect with someone who’s simply made progress in the next step of the journey. That’s why our facilitated groups in the 90-Day Porn Recovery program are successful.

So, connect with others who are making effort and listen to success stories. If you don’t know anyone, search YouTube and Vimeo for success stories. Here’s one below: Motivation from a man abstaining from porn at the 90 day mark, Black White Guy in America

More Inspiration:

  • Story of a young married man who turned his life around, as a promotion of a recovery program: Proven Men Promo
  • Story of success of a married man using accountability software, Loving Covenant Eyes
  • Testimonies of those who have abstained from the habit for a period of time, at Cure the Craving
  • Evidence that masturbation is unknown among some people of the world, at

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