I’m a Woman Struggling With Porn\Masturbation & Sexual Integrity

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According to our surveys, 48% of young women have watched porn in the last 6 months. The days of “it’s a guy problem” are over, and Mai and Carina are stepping up to share their story and HELP women who are struggling in silence. Benjy Uyama is a group facilitator for men’s groups.


▶ Women Struggle Too: https://edu.highnoon.org/women-struggle-too-mai-thurston/
▶ Sexual Integrity for Young Women: https://edu.highnoon.org/hn-live-sexual-integrity-for-young-women-mai-melissa/
▶ How to Deal with Sexual Urges: https://edu.highnoon.org/64-how-to-deal-with-sexual-urges-carina-robert-cunningham/
▶ Women’s Accountability Partner: https://edu.highnoon.org/womens-accountability-partner/

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