High School Groups

What to Expect?

When you join the program as a High School participant, we will do our very best to place you in a group with others your age. You may be surprised to know this but there are many others in the exact same situation as you. 

You are not alone.

In this engaging process, we will guide you through this journey of recovering your sexual integrity and building a life where porn and/or masturbation has no place. The groups are a safe haven for sharing honestly about mistakes, making redeterminations, learning about oneself, and bonding with others. 

Our main policy in the group is Respect. There is no judgement and confidentiality is a must. 

This may be the MOST important decision you could make in your life. To especially begin at this age will be an incredible investment into your future, one where you will look back on with gratitude and pride.

We ask that you get your parents’ permission before officially starting the program. If that feels like an obstacle, we’d love to support you AND your parents to take this step together. Contact any of our staff below at the bottom of the page.

Note to Parents:

One thing that we have been told by various High School participants is that it was so relieving to have their parents approach them to begin the difficult conversation about this issue. Please understand that your child did not seek this out, but it found them in some way or form, like it has for countless others. They need your grace, understanding, and support. The sooner the better.

Being connected with others is the solution to finding freedom from this struggle. Through our trained facilitators and our curriculum we guide participants to make real change in their life.  Our program is a tried and tested method that will set your child up for success.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our staff listed below. We’d be happy to talk with you.

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