Fortify: The Fighter’s Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction

Fight the New Drug is a non-profit pornography awareness and recovery organization. They published a book called Fortify, which offers many practical and powerful methods to help stabilize a porn habit.

We highly recommend Fortify to strugglers who are trying to live a High Noon life.

The first tool introduced in the book is a four-step method called STAR, which helps stabilize you when you’re feeling an urge to act out sexually:

S — Step back and observe
T — Take a few conscious breaths
A — Ask yourself what you really want
R — Respond

“In olden times, when people were lost at sea, they would look to the North Star for guidance—a fixed point that could help them find the right direction. In a similar way, this star can help anchor us when we’re feeling especially vulnerable and starting to get pulled back into the addiction cycle.”


Book Description

The problem with pornography addiction has never been worse. Tens of thousands of young people—as young as seven and eight years old—are finding that pornography has control over their life. Fortify: The Ultimate Fighter’s Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction, authored by the hip non-profit organization Fight the New Drug, is a complete guide to helping young men and women find the tools, gain the education, and uncover the resources necessary to help themselves and others overcome this addiction.

Using research and advice from addiction recovery specialists and therapists, Fortify explains why pornography acts like an addictive drug. The book arms teens and young adults with the tools and confidence they need to fight the addiction by guiding them through a basic training program for themselves and others around them. By fortifying themselves, their relationships, and their world against pornography addiction, readers are ready to join with other fighters in the stand against pornography and its harmful effects.


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