Facilitators play a key role in nurturing connection and development in High Noon small groups.

A good facilitator understands the need to prioritize self-care and healthy relationships. This affords them the mental and emotional availability to support others, while continuing to grow themselves. Facilitating is for those who recognize the intrinsic value of the practice of loving others.


  • Host a group call each week of the quarter (13 weeks)
  • Find a replacement (either a group member or another facilitator) to lead the call if you will be absent
  • Share with the staff about group progress


  • Complete the facilitator training before starting the quarter: 
  • Attend a one-on-one call (~15 minutes) with a staff member each month

  • Submit a weekly check-in (a form will be emailed to you each week)

The quarter you are signing up for begins the week of January 29 and continues for 13 weeks.

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HNU Courses


Ascend is a 13-week small group program for men and women. It is designed to help you overcome unwanted sexual habits and develop sexual integrity with the support of a community. This course will help you to…
▸Understand porn’s effects
▸Deepen self-awareness
▸Create new life-giving routines
▸Experience ongoing accountability
▸Build empowering relationships


Known dives into the many important facets of healthy and conscious sexuality, exploring the influences in our lives that have shaped our viewpoint on sex. We invite you to be known in a safe community where we strive for deeper self-awareness, empowering connections, and a clear vision for the future.

Sex & Intimacy

This program is designed for married couples who want to take their relationship to the next level. Regardless of what stage you are at in your relationship, the Sex & Intimacy course is the perfect place to start!

Ascend: Bootcamp

The purpose of the Bootcamp is to provide the structure for rapid growth. in this course you will be guided through the process of swapping negative habits for newer and better habits. The hope is that this elite group of men (for now just men) will be highly suitable to help others in the future.

Details for the Bootcamp:

▸Intensive group of 4-6 members
▸Weekly 1 hour group call
▸Weekly 15-minute check-in call with facilitator, 1-on-1
▸3 check-ins a day in the private messenger group
▸Your facilitator will be giving personal guidance/feedback once per day
▸We will be making clear Northstar goals, weekly challenges, and daily sprints