Expect Porn Recovery to Be a Lifestyle

People who lose weight and keep it off say that temporary diets don’t work. They had to set up a new way of life, full of new routines, new pleasures and new preferences. Sometimes even making new friends and associates is necessary if you really want to change your life.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Addiction is more than just the abuse of a drug or some activity. This habit can effect a lot of your daily life and routines. How do you spend your time, effort, and money? Can you see how your sexual habits affect these choices?

It stands to reason then that change would have to involve many parts of your life, too. Any major change like this means adopting new and healthier habits. You need to avoid triggers to the old unwanted behavior. The only way to repair the damage to yourself and others is to become consistent with better habits over a long time.

Recovery is a process

This may seem intimidating now, but it is something to keep in mind. The important thing is to take the first step in the process, even if it’s a painful one. Expect that it will take some time and learning new skills. Learn all you can about the problem and how people have been successful in overcoming it. Be willing to invest the time and energy it takes to improve your life.

Watch David’s Story below, from the Latter Day Saints recovery program.

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