Junk Emotions vs Valuable Emotions

#111 – Junk Emotions vs Valuable Emotions

Junk Emotions vs Valuable Emotions

All of our emotions are valid and significant in our lives. The emotions we experience on a daily basis can have a micro or macro impact on how we act and make decisions. Because our emotions have the power to either help or destroy us, it’s important that we take our time working on ourselves and loving ourselves in order to be able to trust our own feelings.

Junk emotions are bad emotions that can have a negative impact on our lives if we don’t put them to good use, such as motivating us to act in a healthy and productive manner. Valuable emotions, on the other hand, are those that allow us to responsibly enjoy our lives and live it to the fullest.

In Episode 111, Andrew and Benjy talk about how our emotions affect our lives, as well as the difference between junk emotions and valuable emotions. They also discuss how emotions affect relationships and what it means to be committed to a marriage.

We can often hear the saying love yourself first before loving someone else. And that is because we are only capable of loving other people when we know how to love ourselves. Relationships aren’t always about having a constant flow of happiness and or being in ideal scenarios. It’s vital to learn how to love in a selfless and committed way because feelings may fade, but it doesn’t matter as long as you have a strong foundation with God at the center of it.

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Show Notes

  • The difference between following our feelings and trusting our feelings
  • How much do we evaluate where our feelings are coming from before we act on them?
  • Actions are the true measure of our feelings
  • The importance of communicating what we really feel
  • Handling negative emotions in a healthy way
  • Why shouldn’t we rely more on our feelings in a relationship?
  • The true commitment of marriage
  • Love can take on so many different feelings and expressions
  • The importance of having foundation of a strong relationship

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