Dallas Holds High Noon Summit

High Noon completed its fourth sub-regional event this year in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, October 26, 2019! This particular High Noon Summit was the place to be to experience love, connection, and honesty. The Dallas community is full of larger-than-life families who open up their homes so entirely that guests experience authentic Southern love and hospitality that is unmatched anywhere else in the country. Subregional Director Rev. John Jackson and his family lead the way for the community to experience open sharing and vulnerability.

Andrew Love opened up the day at the High Noon Summit with laughter and warmth. David and Mitsue Wolfenberger, as the organization’s founders, greeted the audience and shared the history and mission of High Noon. Sancha Ogden presented on “What is High Noon” and the powerful values High Noon lives by to make a change for individuals and families across the globe. Andrew Love supported the audience in understanding the detrimental effects of pornography on the brain and hearts of individuals, all the while, encouraging people to authentically engage with their values and ideals to make clear decisions in life.

We heard from 1 young male and 2 young females about the reality of partaking in pornography and how it impacts the individual on the life-long journey of growing in sexual integrity.

Rev. Jackson shared statistics and testimonies on porn’s impact on Blessed Families. The audience could get the impact while still feeling acceptance and generating accountability. Benjy Uyama shared the powerful resources and solutions High Noon has created for individuals to experience the joy of owning the process of their sexual integrity. The resources allow participants to fill their lives with purpose and intention on the road of recovery.

After a hearty and hot lunch, the schedule included a Q&A session, powerful breakouts about creating heavenly intimacy between couples and looking forward to heavenly intimacy for singles, and group discussions on touchy topics. During the group discussions, the audience shared within their families and were able to share about the unspoken topics that stay dormant for too long between parents and children, brothers and sisters, and husband and wife. It was so beautiful to see families share and create a powerful space of acceptance and love.

The day ended with meditation, reflection, and closing remarks from David Wolfenberger. A big thank you to the Dallas community for hosting the High Noon Summit and being part of creating radiant couples across America and the world!

Some participants shared, “

“A sense of a new beginning is what I felt, but not just for myself, but for my family. It opens doors for a whole new universe of conversation and vulnerability. I loved discussing at the end with my family. Once again a new beginning. Purity is so much more than maintaining your “desires.” My experience was great. It gave me a new stepping stone.” – Female, 22

“As a young person who has experienced the prevalence of pornography and its effects, High Noon had really opened my heart up to understanding the perspective of a person who is actually going through the struggle. It hurts as well to know that there is a sense of shame they feel that causes them to conceal their feelings of actually asking for help. As a person who has a family member and a friend that struggles, talking about this topic really makes me ask myself “what am I doing or not doing that makes this person I care about feel as though they can open up, or have I not loved them enough for them to feel as though they need to find a sense of love or satisfaction somewhere else?” – Female, 20

“Overall, I thought this was very insightful. It was validating and comforting to hear people talk about their struggles. It helps knowing you’re not the only one that is having problems with sexual integrity and having a safe space to talk about it was comforting. While I related to a lot of what was said, I think that this experience could be beneficial to anyone because I think as a community it’s important to understand what others go through and how to be there for them.” – Male, 28

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