Young Wives Group Curriculum

Purpose: This is a group guideline for wives who want to receive support and connection from other sisters and improve their communication with their husbands. 


The Setting:

  • 3 months, one call every week for 90 minutes
  • Weekly challenges to improve the communication and relationship with your husband. 

Tips on how to have the best experience:

  • Prepare for the meetings
    • Take enough time to reflect on your week, your conversation, and what you want to share with the group before the meeting starts.
  • Come on time 
  • Make the conversation with your husband fun
    • Try to have a weekly date with your husband where you talk about this in a fun and relaxing way. Be creative in different ways you both can prepare for the conversation (ex. Bring pictures from the past, try new things, make a game, etc.) 
    • It is important to create an environment to foster conversation and connection so as not to overwhelm your spouse. This will ensure that you can have the best experience possible.
    • It is important to also be sensitive and not force things. Certain conversations may be a trigger and cause unexpected tension. 
    • At the same time, let the conversation flow organically. The important part of all this is the ability to connect with your spouse and to connect with a group of sisters for support.
  • Have a clear purpose of what you want
    • Always keep in mind the results you want to get through this process. You may not get there in these three months but you probably will be much closer. 
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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • 17 Topics