Connection = Freedom

We all like the idea of being free, but we don’t understand it. We end up needlessly forfeiting our freedom and living our lives in chains, for temporary pleasure or praise. True freedom lies in the strength of the connections we have in our lives.

In this course we invite you to explore your relationship with all major aspects of your life. How are you impacted by the past? Are you in touch with your emotions and spirituality? Who do you surround yourself with? The answers to these questions and many more are crucial for building a life where porn has no place.

The High Noon Workbook

When you use the workbook while taking one of our courses you help yourself by taking the time to reflect and absorb. It can be our tendency on the internet to click from one thing to the other very quickly. We want to encourage you to take time after completing a lesson to reflect upon the topic. 

Try to become aware of the thoughts, connections, and emotions that come to you. Ask yourself: 

What was the message for me?

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons