Chicago Hosts High Noon Summit


On April 20, High Noon hosted an eventful Summit in Chicago for 142 participants from across the Midwest. It was a great opportunity to learn about healthy intimacy and connect with the vision of a porn-free world of sexual integrity, filled with informative presentations, moving testimonies, and connecting with others. Participants joined Summit from as far as eight hours away, including Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Indiana, and more. In addition, 13 entire families attended together!

Presentations were given by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Crescentia DeGoede, and Andrew Love on a variety of subjects, including God’s Hope for Sex and Pornography’s Effects On Families.

“By participating in High Noon’s event I took a lot of deep but well-needed topics to consider in my life. The thing that really hit me was the struggles that each individual is going through. It was incredible to be able to hear first-hand the raw and challenging experiences people have faced/are facing in their lives. And it really brought me to think that I may not be alone and that everyone is struggling through something like this. I am able to now see that sex is not a topic to be ashamed of talking about but it’s one that should be brought up more.” – Female, 21

One young female, two young males, and a married couple shared about their experience navigating pornography addiction and unwanted same-sex attraction.

The program included an open Q&A session when participants could ask questions to the presenters and staff. Some of the questions included how to discuss a sexual struggle with parents and how to approach intimacy as an elderly couple.

“This was a great opportunity to confront a difficult topic head-on. People shared their hearts deeply, practiced vulnerability, and practiced supporting those who trusted them with their deepest thoughts and feelings…..To hear statistics & horror stories is one thing, but to hear firsthand about people’s struggles, but more importantly, their triumphs and ongoing improvements, that helps put much more impact behind the education! Plus, hearing brave volunteers share themselves so vulnerable is immensely helpful in helping listeners become more vulnerable.” – Male, 24

In the afternoon, participants joined interest-based breakout sessions. Topics included Heavenly Intimacy, Looking Forward to Heavenly Intimacy, Porn & the Brain, Being an Effective Accountability Partner, Talking about Porn/Sex Within the Family, Sex from a Principled Perspective, and Understanding Same-Sex Attraction.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to discussion. Participants sat down with their families, with their spouses, with other couples, or as groups.

Sammy Uyama, Director of High Noon, shared:

“It was amazing to see families sit down together and discuss things they have never talked about before. It was an experience for the entire region to relate with each other at on a close level like never before. Even after the program finished, people stuck around for hours to talk and share with one another.”

The next stop for the High Noon Summit Tour will be Clifton, New Jersey on September 21, 2019!

What the participants had to say…

“These past few months felt really lost. My school friends had introduced me to real porn. Curious, I had started watching little by little some porn. I didn’t know what to do, and how to stop myself. I’m really glad I came to this event. I feel like I can tell my parents what’s going on.” – Female, 14

“I lacked a deeper, more honest connection with my family and that was a big factor in why I resort to porn. Because of High Noon, I was able to have an honest talk with them. I truly believe that porn dies in connection.” – Female, 21

“Thanks to High Noon I learned more about the purpose of true love and how much more value true love is over fallen love. High Noon also helped me see what marriage is like in the beginning. Thank you for this wonderful experience.” – Male, 16

“The community of people from all ages created a very open and calming experience. It was eye-opening that that older generation people were just as interested as the younger people. It really gave me hope that this is something we can overcome together, not just a young person’s problem.” – Male, 23

“Thank you very much for this eye-opening information. I am glad to know the reality and at the same time, it was shocking. This content is needed to build a true family. I felt parents need a lot of education to cope with this situation as one family at a time. It is absolutely necessary for a successful Blessed Family and tribal messiahship.” – Female, 61

“I think it was most impactful because there is finally a program where parents can learn how to reach when their own children come clean to them, and be fully honest, with no shadows. I learned today that if you’re going through something like this then there are people that will be there and genuinely care about you.” – Female, 15

“My heart opened more and more during the day. I was moved and felt less shameful of my actions and felt a sense of liberation and I was also more open to tools by the end of the night.” – Male, 23

“Being here at High Noon helped me realize that it’s not something to be afraid of. I used to struggle with porn a lot around the age of 9…If I were to describe High Noon to other people, I would definitely encourage them to do it even if they don’t struggle with porn, because it really talks about Sexuality Integrity as wholeness and not just quitting porn…I really love the experiences and I would totally recommend it to anyone else.” – Male, 14

“Having these discussions as couples was a really precious opportunity. I felt very heard and also very cared for in that space. It was such a wonderful environment that this event created to be able to open up space for that kind of discussion.” – Female, 26

“I found a way to start taking concrete steps to work on my personal issues with porn and sexuality. After many false starts, I feel that I have a way to move forward.” – Male

“My experience in this Summit was liberating to really open up to my community in past struggles and challenges. This event gave access to freedom and vulnerability for me to share. Truly an event where we can live life without shadows.” – Female


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