Breaking Barriers: How Our Podcast Transforms Desperation into Hope

Welcome back to the blog.

Today I wanted to explain a little bit about the podcast- why we started it and why we’ve kept it going.

Sammy and I started the podcast as a way of connecting with people in between interactions.

You see, our staff often communicates with people when they’re at the most desperate. We frequently have people reaching out us asking for help.

They might be struggling with their sexual integrity, they might be about to make a regrettable decision- or more likely have already gone past the point of no return.

People were used to associating us with a reaction rather than a plan, and we wanted to change that.

So, we embarked on this journey in 2019 in order to help people get ahead of themselves.

To be honest, I thought that we’d run out of content after about a year.

I was under the impression that there’s really not that much to talk about in regards to sex and that topic would get stale after a short while,

But I was wrong. Way wrong.

It seems the more that we talk about sexuality, the more that we realize how deep the topic is, and how little we actually understand.

What motivates us these days is the fact that wherever we go in the world, people inform us that the podcast helped their mental, emotional, or spiritual life so much, gave life to their struggling marriage, or got them through a dark Knight of the soul.

When we hear things like that, we get inspired to keep going indefinitely.

The problem with the podcast is that often we go weeks without hearing any feedback, and so we are just guided by our most recent interactions with people that we’re mentoring, or people we meet at events.

So, if ever you have ideas for topics that you want us to cover, or people that you’d like us to interview, or issues that you want us to tackle -please let us know!!!

In no way, shape, or form do we do this podcast for ourselves. We only put our hearts into producing this weekly podcast in order help you get through this life with as much integrity as possible.

Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you next week.

Andrew Love.

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