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About this book:

This book is the first of its kind, compiling True Parents’ words on the subject of sex. It explores their teachings in 6 sections:

  1. Core of the Universe
  2. God’s Design for Sex
  3. Conjugal Love
  4. Absolute Sex
  5. The Fall
  6. Restoration

Description from the back cover…

Sex and intimacy are central to our lives but conflicting thoughts and powerful feelings often get in the way of lasting joy. While many people find it difficult to talk about this subject, Reverend Sun Myung Moon boldly stated that sex is sacred and at the very core of the universe. He and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, spent a lifetime teaching how our sexual organs are God’s most precious gift to us, and how individuals can build beautiful marriages filled with deep, life-transforming intimacy. Core of the Universe invites you to examine what you want for your own lives. 

“In my strenuous efforts to find the answer to the fundamental problems of humankind, and the root of the universe, I realized it was the sexual organs. Once I realized it was them and thought the whole matter through, I found that the harmony of heaven and earth was swirling around the sexual organs. It is an amazing fact.” — Reverend Sun Myung Moon