Sexual Wealth: Are You Sexually Rich or Poor?

Contributed by Andrew Love

Are you sexually rich or poor?

Most people would have absolutely no idea how to answer that question.

It sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? That’s why we love it!!!

High Noon often asks questions that nobody else is thinking about, but that affects us all.

Is sex important? Well, if you are a sentient human being, absolutely!

Religiously, sex has been long understood to be a mysterious and dangerous force that has the power to enrapture people eternally, enslaving them to their carnal urges.

But in this era, it’s simply not enough to fear the unknown.

If our objective is to live a life with our Heavenly Parent at the center of everything we do, then sexuality should be at the top of our list. As we know, sexuality is the conduit for love, life, & lineage – the vital foundations of existence and meaning.

Therefore, if sex is so important, wouldn’t it be essential to know whether you are living in a state of abundance or scarcity?

Nobody wants to live a life of poverty, yet so many people have a dysfunctional relationship with money, resulting in financial strife throughout their lives.

The same is true of sexuality.

Many people struggle their whole lives to grasp the concept of sex. It is confusing, scary, and even painful to bring up the topic of sex as for many, it is the cause of their problems. Consequently, they live in sexual poverty.

However, this doesn’t mean that the quantity of sex defines ‘abundance’.
Our present society pushes a plethora of fake sex, a type which never satiates the soul. It is akin to junk food. In America alone, there are millions of people who are both overweight and malnourished simultaneously. Such people are caught up in a cycle of overeating foods that are giving nothing healthy back.

Likewise, you can watch all the pornography you want, but it will never give your soul what it longs for – true, deep, lasting connection.

The measure of success in Hollywood is how many sexual conquests you’ve had. This is the story we’ve believed en masse and it has shaped the ways we approach most of our relationships. Being entrapped in this mode of thinking is yet another form of poverty.

Think about sex in terms of monetary wealth. A good investment is something that gives you a perpetual return. By having numerous sexual partners, your time, energy and emotion are spread thin and your spirit is dulled. You become numb to the intricacies of the humans you are physical with and their emotional well-being is pushed aside so that you get what you need from them.

A wise investment is exponential in its return. Think of investing in something that gives you dividends for the rest of your life and every time you invest more into it, the returns on your investment grow bigger! This is like the Moby Dick of investments, one that people spend their entire lives looking for!

Well, that is similar to sex. Not just sex for instant gratification, but sex with intention and meaning.

When sexuality is coupled with love, you have an investment that will grow more powerful and potent with each passing day.

A couple deeply invested in each other’s love and satisfaction: spiritually, emotionally, and sexually, are on the direct path to becoming one in heart and manifesting God.

Every time you treat somebody well, you grow closer to them. Every time you invest into that person, your love for them expands.

When you add committed sex into the equation, things get very interesting and wonderful!

To be sexually rich doesn’t entail having a high body count, but rather to perpetually build oneness with one person that you are fully committed to. Then and only then, can you supersede the body and reach a oneness in mind, heart, and soul.


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