Becoming an Accountability Partner

Accountability partners (AP) are responsible for keeping a participant accountable to their goals and action steps in a one-to-one relationship. The commitment is 3 months, after which we ask the the AP and the participant to renew their commitment. 


  • Receive and respond to check-in messages every day or week (depending on the agreement made)
  • Participate in the accountability support calls (every month) and Volunteer Events (once a quarter)

Common Questions

How to get Started

Upload a profile picture

In this process, people will be initially connecting with you through your HN account. See this page for a better understanding of how people will connect with an Accountability Partner.

Change your role on your Profile

On your profile, click "Edit Profile" and scroll to the bottom. In the dropdown, choose "AP" and, after saving, your profile will be shown on our Accountability Partners page for people to contact you.
Switch this on and off to toggle your visibility on the page.

Watch the Training Videos

We have a course that contains 7 videos which give tips on how to be an effective AP.

Download the High Noon app

The way people will be able to reach out to you is through our platform. A convenient way to check your messages is through the HN app.
Downloading the app: For Android. For Apple.

Check your messages

After initially connecting through our platform, feel free to move to any messaging service to continue to connect on a regular basis.