Accountability Allies are Key to Success

A key to success in life is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Business partnerships, friendships and marriages all benefit when strengths and weaknesses are balanced, and there’s someone else to be accountable to. Basically, we need the support of others to achieve our goals.

Think of a successful business. There’s no doubt it has a system of accountability in place—superiors, assistants, workers, customer feedback—that helps the business meet their quality performance goals.

Find an Ally

We need the help of others to overcome a weakness. It can be as simple as asking a friend to check your progress every week. Or it can be as involved as having your online activities electronically reported to a pastor, parent or friend.

You probably won’t venture to porn sites if you know your internet browsing habits are being supervised, or someone will be asking about them regularly. The porn habit thrives on secrecy. And secrecy means you’re alone and getting defeated.

An ally on your side can make a world of difference. Watch this video for a better understanding of why you need an accountability partner.


Ask for Help

So, you have to confide your problems to someone else and ask for their help.

This involves getting past false pride, and the fear of losing love and respect. When you can admit that you’re not proud of this habit it will be easier to ask for help. Consider these points when facing down your pride:

  • The habit is already controlling you to some degree
  • Your privacy is an illusion since you can’t keep this habit a secret forever
  • You already feel undeserving of the love and respect you want, which blocks you from receiving it even more.

People feel honored when someone asks for their help. And they are far less judgmental than you might think. Take a risk. Ask someone you trust; let them in on your struggle.

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