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#89 – God and Sexuality Part 2

Ep. 89 - Podcast Thumbnail Title: Podcast Thumbnails

What does it mean to have God-centered sex? What does it mean to be a single person and trying to build sexual integrity centered on God? How do you invite God into your sexuality, mind, spirit, and your body?

Throughout human history, people have been misusing their sexual organs and learning how that has affected their lives, children, and lineage will give you a better understanding of how God and sexuality connect with each other.

In this episode, Benjy and Andrew delve deep into the cross-section between God and sexuality. This topic is quite confusing but it is a fundamental matter of high importance. Tune in and learn how to start having God-centered sexual integrity whether you’re single or married, to put your sexual energy into good use. 

Focus on fully developing yourself, focusing your energy on just creating something new for yourself, and developing yourself into a new person to experience God with love, and grace. 

High Noon will help you to live the light, become the person you wanted to be, regain your sexual integrity while finding your purpose in life, and have the access to humility through prayer. You might also want to check out High Noon’s Book: Core of the Universe and have a greater understanding of what sex was really designed to be. 

  • The core of the universe book
  • My sexual organ is the original palace of love, life in the lineage
  • Building your sexual integrity
  • A functional relationship with God
  • Difference between using the sexual energy for yourself or using it for productivity and creation
  • Have God at the center of your sexuality
  • An ideal relationship with God
  • Living sexual integrity with five values
  • Putting your integrity in check
  • Having humility through prayer
  • Seeing things from God’s perspective
  • Living a healthy sexual relationship
  • Experiencing grace, forgiveness, and love
  • Core of the Universe book

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