How Fatherhood Shapes the World with Patrick Erlandson

#181 – How Fatherhood Shapes the World with Patrick Erlandson

Believe it or not, being a dad has a much bigger effect on families than you can imagine.

In this episode, Patrick Erlandson points out two key factors that have deeply motivated him to advocate the importance of a father’s presence while an individual is growing up.
First was the heartbreaking reality of human trafficking, especially the exploitation of children and weak people. He recognized a connection between the absence of fathers and the presence of fathers who engage in abusive behavior. And with that plays a vital factor in the increased vulnerability of individuals.

Another reason is the effect of minimizing the role of fathers in early childhood development. Prisons are overflowing with fatherless individuals, runaways and dropout rates are alarming, and violence among fatherless children is prevalent.

By giving importance to a father’s role in the family and giving them the value and recognition that they deserve, the society can be a better and safer place for our children to live.

Let’s all start raising our sons to be positively inspired to take on fatherhood.

Listen to Episode 181 to learn more!

  • The Importance of Fatherhood
  • Redemption for the lost
  • The feeling of entitlement
  • An Insatiable Desire for More
  • Fatherhood and Empathy

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