Why We Do The Things We Do with Phillip Schanker - Part 2

#178 – Why We Do The Things We Do with Phillip Schanker – Part 2

Asking the question “Why do we do the things we do?” is the first step of recovery from attachment wounds, but to complete your journey, you must also ask “How?”.

In the previous episode, Phillip Schanker talked about how the way we were attached as kids affect the bonds we have as adults.

In this second part of a two-part episode, Phillip will talk more about attachment and how it affects our mental, social, and physical lives as adults.

Additionally, he will go through strategies for healing attachment wounds and developing healthier attachment patterns. This includes neurobiological techniques such as mindfulness practices, engaging in walking and music, and reconnecting with nature.

By embracing therapeutic tools, we start to thread the path of healing and growth. 

Listen to Episode 178 to learn more! 

  • Unhealthy relationship triggers
  • How emotional stress affects your health
  • Healing your soul
  • Patching attachment wounds

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