174 Participants Join High Noon Summit in New Jersey

We just experienced a life changing High Noon Summit in Clifton, New Jersey on September 28, 2019. We had 174 participants attend the event from New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Canada, and as far as Ohio and California. The day was filled with possibility and connection as families, parents, children, aunts, uncles, and siblings gathered together to experience honest sharing and authentic dialogue. The morning was filled with eye-opening education about God’s viewpoint of intimacy and sex. We took a real look at where the history of sex has brought humanity and where we can intentionally shift our perspective to create heavenly intimacy as couples and families.

The day opened with a welcoming message from the founders of High Noon, David & Mitsue Wolfenberger. Then, as a family, we looked at captivating topics, such as God & Sex, Sex of the Past, and the Impact of Porn on Blessed Families. We had amazing speakers, like Tyler Hendricks, Andrew Love, and Crescentia & Leighton DeGoede guide us through these topics.

Two young males, one young female, and one father from the community shared testimonies about topics ranging from overcoming pornography habits to the impact of pornography use on future relatinships.

The Director of High Noon, Sammy Uyama, shared solutions and resources so the audience could create next steps and be present to how to establish integrity and accountability in their lives.

Lunch was lovingly prepared to give the audience renewed energy for a powerful afternoon. Through Q&A and Breakout Sessions, the community engaged in deeper conversation in topics like Creating Heavenly Intimacy, Looking Forward to Heavenly Intimacy, How to Talk About Difficult Topics in the Family, Porn & the Brain, and How to be an Effective Accountability Partner. Because of amazing local initiative this High Noon Summit had a Japanese Men’s Interest Group Breakout Session where dads could talk in shared language and understanding.

Group Discussions as families, couples, brothers, and sisters gave the audience the opportunity to hear from each other as a community. The day ended with meditation, reflection, and prayer to bring everyone to their internal home of God’s grace and love.

The Clifton, New Jersey Community made this event so amazing with the venue, attention to detail, and support!

Our next High Noon Summit will be in Dallas, Texas October 26, 2019!

Here’s what some participants shared:

“I wasn’t sure about the value of sex as a Blessed Couple. Through this summit, I was able to learn the true value of it. I’m sure it will take a while for me to actually experience “Blessed sex” with my husband, but I’m willing to work towards it by embracing the values: honesty, grace, integrity, accountability, and courage. The top takeaway for me today was that I need to embrace and serve my husband as my king.” – Female, 28

“My wife deserves more love. I should give her more joy and satisfaction so that she can gain confidence to care more for our family (children). Pornography was the main issue but it has many underlying problems. I hope to be a better husband to my wife and a good father to my children by casting no shadows. Thank you, High Noon!” – Male



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