How to Beat Phone Addiction

#173 – How to Beat Phone Addiction

Mobile phones have significantly transformed our lives and have made it easier to communicate, have access to information, and so much more. 

But as with everything else, this innovation also comes with limitations and moderation.

It is important that we create a healthy relationship with our phones by being mindful of the time we spend on it and finding the balance that works best for us. 

Setting limits on our screen time, prioritizing our daily tasks, or doing more productive activities are just a few examples of small actions that can have a long-term impact on our well-being.

Listen to Episode 173 to learn more about how to beat phone addiction!

  • The importance of checking our screen time report
  • How talking to a family member helps with managing our screen time
  • Creating pros and cons of the apps we use 
  • Limiting phone usage
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Apps that will limit phone usage
  • What relationship do you want to have with your phone?
  • Social media detox

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