Spiritual Nakedness

#172 – Spiritual Nakedness

Spiritual nakedness is a vital step on the path to greater spiritual awareness and growth as an individual.

We usually hide our thoughts and emotions out of fear that others will not embrace us for who we truly are. We often push others away because we are afraid to reveal our true selves to them. But we cannot expect others to embrace us if we are unwilling to confront our thoughts and emotions. And thus the need to be spiritually naked, that is, to be true to ourselves, is necessary. 

Accepting who we truly are and not allowing our deepest, darkest thoughts to dictate who we should be and what we should do is the first step toward opening up. It takes courage to let others in, but when the right person enters our lives, they have a way of making the risk worthwhile. 

By embracing this state of vulnerability and openness, we may be able to learn more about ourselves and our true purpose in this world.

Listen to Episode 172 to learn more about spiritual nakedness!

  • The negative impact of our present culture
  • The sacredness of sexuality
  • Spiritual nakedness
  • Confronting our deepest, darkest thoughts
  • Understanding the fullness of love
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • The process of becoming spiritually naked

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