Episode 170 - European Tour (Behind the Scenes)

#170 – European Tour (Behind the Scenes) 

“Here in Europe, our focus has been more on giving people experience rather than information.” – Andrew Love

Information is power. But experience is the best teacher. 

As cliche as these may sound, there’s undeniable truthfulness to these statements. And these are some tenets we hold high regard of here in High Noon.

And so during the first time, we hosted a workshop in Europe, we provided the participants with necessary information about transforming one’s life, with the hopes that they continue the discourse in the comfort of their homes and communities. 

But the process of transformation doesn’t just end with discussion. It also comes with application. 

We returned to Europe with a renewed goal—that is, to convert their gained knowledge into immediate practice by providing them proper guidance and the right tools necessary to facilitate positive transformation in their lives. 

And while workshops like this empower the participants and allow them to speak their minds, open their hearts, and strengthen a community where they can support each other, it still takes one’s commitment, ownership, and taking responsibility of their own transformation.

Remember: Positive changes and real transformation only happen when we allow ourselves to do so. 

Listen to Episode 170 to allow yourself to experience change and what it’s like to be a part of the High Noon community!

  • The big day in Budapest 
  • Sebastian’s first-hand experience of giving his testimony in front of strangers at the workshop
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Workshop agenda: Talk with parents regarding the impact of what their child watches online
  • Participants’ feedback to the event
  • The day after the event
  • High Noon’s mission: Heal our international community

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