Episode 165 - 5 Stages to Focus & Fulfillment

#165 – 5 Stages to Focus & Fulfillment

“It’s important to have a grasp of your heart and your mind.”

And indeed it is, especially in times of uncertainty and struggle.

Have you ever experienced the lowest of lows in your life? Where you feel helpless and hopeless, and that there’s no way out of the predicament anymore? People naturally go through highs and lows, and it’s a common feeling to be stressed with the difficulties and challenges of life. And in this times of lows and struggles is where we need to have the full control of our minds and hearts, and ask ourselves: “What is my goal? How can I fulfill myself?”

Studies show that these times of struggle is where intrinsic motivation works the most. In theory, intrinsic motivation is a behavior that comes out based on human needs, and naturally, we feel more needy in times of struggle. These inherent motivations, which we do not even recognize at times, allow us to leap out of the lows and finally pursue our goals.

It takes a deep self-introspection and an understanding of how our intrinsic motivations work to align them to our goals that will grant us the sense of fulfillment.

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