#164 – Building the Integrity Muscle – Winter Program Series Pt.6

Integrity can cut both ways. On one end, it’s something we are expected to aspire for and live by. But on the other hand, it can be daunting to be known as someone who lives with high integrity.

And it can be twice as intimidating when we talk about integrity in the realm of sexuality, especially in these hypersexualized times. But without integrity, it will be extremely difficult to walk away from situations that will force us to do things we don’t really want to do.

Learning from our mistakes and healing from addictive habits and traits allows us to appreciate the bigger picture in life. Sexual integrity affords us this clarity: it prevents us from doing unhealthy sexual practices.  

By strengthening our sexual integrity, we can preserve our relationships and enjoy the most out of life the way God intends it.

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  • Understanding Sexual Integrity
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Having a Vision on What You want to Achieve
  • Elements in Building Integrity: Honesty and Accountability
  • Elements in Building Integrity: Self-Awareness
  • Elements in Building Integrity: Commitment
  • Elements in Building Integrity: Stay Connected
  • Steps to take in Strengthening Integrity

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