#163 – Leverage Accountability to Achieve Anything You Want – Winter Program Series Pt.5

Accountability. Big word. It’s that word that makes you want to run away once you hear it. It’s daunting to realize you’re accountable for something. It’s uncomfortable.

But why does accountability have such a bad reputation when it should be attractive, sexy even, especially when it’s defined around the area of relationships and sexual integrity?

Accountability doesn’t just mean taking responsibility or taking action and facing situations. It also means having a commitment, especially to yourself. It might be a ‘big word,’ but what it pertains to is taking small steps, small leaps toward your desired outcome.

If you can do what you promised to do today, then, that means you can also do what you promised to do tomorrow, and then the next—until such time that you realized you have achieved your intended goals.

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  • Defining accountability
  • Accountability as a step to achieving our desired outcomes 
  • Common perception about accountability 
  • Three ways to change perception about accountability 
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast 
  • Mistakes we make in determining one’s accountability 
  • Practical steps to leverage accountability to achieve any outcome 
  • Elements of expertise in becoming accountable 

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