#162 – Grace: The Secret Missing Ingredient to Fulfillment – Winter Program Series Pt.4

How do we feel more fulfilled in life? Most people struggle with unwanted behavior, which often takes us away from being happy.

People escape from life problems through the actions that they think can help them be free from those problems. They do not notice it, but it actually causes us more struggles in life. Fears that surround people who are stuck with unwanted behavior prevent them from accepting what was wrong and moving forward with what is right.

Acceptance seems like too much of a challenge for people stuck in their unwanted behaviors, but in reality, this allows people to be more fulfilled in life. As the secret missing ingredient, grace assists people in understanding what more valuable things they need to focus on to bring more fulfillment into their lives.

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  • Eliminate the Unwanted Behavior
  • Escaping that Undesirable Habits
  • Our Anxiousness and Fears in Life
  • Fear of Being Unworthy
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Grace as the Final Filling Cup
  • Grace and Acceptance

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