#161 – The Importance of Honesty & Self Awareness – Winter Program Series Pt.3

In this age of technology, where social media has become the open gate for people sharing or exchanging opinions on matters that may revolve around personal, social, or political ideas, one must practice how honesty is used in these situations.

Whenever an issue pops up, people start to react, and that is the first thing most people share in their comments. Either positively or negatively, we react to what our minds tell us. People react to what they want to say, whether it is offensive or not. It creates a boundary on whether our opinion is truly ours or just based on what we hear from others.

In a sense, our freedom to speak must be based on how we respond to things around us. When we respond, we observe how we address ourselves in the conversation. The awareness that we should consider, the response we should give to others, as well as whether or not we are being truthful in our response. This does not only convey how we engage with other people but also how we engage with ourselves.

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  • Responding vs. Reacting
  • Freedom and Awareness
  • Stages of Self-Awareness: Still Cathing to Old Habits
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Stages of Self-Awareness: Acknowledge Progress
  • Stages of Self-Awareness: Getting Ahead of Yourself
  • The Different Areas of Our Lives
  • Reflecting on Oneself

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