#160 – Having Courage & Trust – Winter Program Series Pt.2

It takes a huge step for all of us to be 100% honest with ourselves and with other people. The courage to believe in who we are bets on what the world considers acceptable and unacceptable.

We tend to cover ourselves with blankets in order to avoid the judgments that other people might give us. But in reality, we are risking our relationships with other people. It is not just with our partners, but also with our family and friends.

Being truthful is hard, but it is more satisfying knowing that we are courageous enough to believe in ourselves rather than what the world thinks is best for us.

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  • The Possibility of Something Better
  • Bravery and Taking the Risk
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • The Truth About Oneself
  • Being Truthful in Matching
  • The Real vs. Fake
  • Building that Courage and Trust

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#161 – The Importance of Honesty & Self Awareness – Winter Program Series Pt.3

In a sense, our freedom to speak must be based on how we respond to things around us. When we respond, we observe how we address ourselves in the conversation. The awareness that we should consider, the response we should give to others, as well as whether or not we are being truthful in our response. This does not only convey how we engage with other people but also how we engage with ourselves.