#159 – Northstar: Creating a Clear Vision – Winter Program Series Pt.1

There is a deep sense of longing for most people, and it sometimes leads some to devour negative things or actions. The North Star Goal emphasizes its aim to help people build and understand their sense of identity.

In these modern times, people struggle to understand that deep sense of meaning that defines who we are. Most of us wanted to instantly have the answers to our problems; some even sought to have these answers in an instant, but instead, this resulted in more problems.

The North Star Goal wanted people to see how we can achieve happiness in life without relying on addiction; without relying on what we thought would be better for us but actually destroys us. Its mission is to assist people in discovering their healthy pleasures in life.

Listen to Episode 159 to learn more!

  • What North Star Goal Is
  • Looking for that Deep Sense of Meaning
  • Our Strong Desires
  • The North Star Goal Power
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Building Connections
  • Achieving to Be a Healthy Person

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