#158 – Stages of Change

There is a saying that the only constant in this world is change. But some people think that change is a big risk to take. There are five stages of change that can help people become more fulfilled in life.

The first stage is being trapped and unaware that people need change. Some people are predisposed to recognize the need for change in their lives. Their mindset is based on the idea that they do not have any problems right now, and even if they did, why bother to change the routine that they have?

The second stage is slowly opening ourselves to the idea that change is possible and can have a more positive impact on our lives.

The third stage points toward preparing ourselves for the change that we want. Most people who have opened themselves to change internalize the process of getting the change they need.

The fourth stage is putting your best foot forward by starting with the change you want. It is a matter of pursuing ourselves so that this change can help us be better and has that progression in life.

The fifth stage focuses on maintaining the change that you have made in your life. Being consistent in our actions establishes a new practice that ensures we will not revert to our old selves and will be purposeful in engaging ourselves in more positive aspects of life.

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  • Building a Roadmap of Change
  • The Highnoon Roadmap to Sexual Integrity
  • Stage One: Trapped and Unaware in the Same Process
  • Stage Two: Open to Suggestions
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Stage Three: Edge of Change
  • Stage Four: Taking Action
  • Stage Five: Maintenance for Lifetime
  • The ASCEND Program

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