#156 – The Internal Nature of Sexuality | Chad Johnson

We have to admit it—the world we live in is fully subscribed to the idea of worldliness.

We are now in a time where earthly desires are welcomed, masked and embraced with the idea of normalcy. And so oftentimes, we find ourselves rationalizing and saying: It’s normal. It’s what everybody does. It’s all around us.

But normalcy isn’t synonymous with righteousness.

No. The earthly things that we resort to in order to express our feelings of sexuality are not the proper channels. Rather, these could stray us into addiction and later on lead us to destruction.

What we have to understand is that the external is always the manifestation of what’s inside. What you do is not only because of the external forces that trigger you. There is something deep in yourself that gets affected by these outside forces. And so inspecting the inner workings of your sexuality is a way to see how this translates to the external actions that you resort into doing. And in this introspection of yourself, your sexuality, your triggers, and your earthly desires lies the path to spirituality that fosters your connection to God.

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  • What does the internal nature of sexuality look like in our hyper-sexualized culture?
  • How our nervous system is designed for love
  • Your path in harnessing your sexuality?
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Connection as the opposite of addiction
  • Sunsetting sex
  • Criminalizing extramarital sex in Bali and Indonesia

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