#154 – Why Single People Should Give Birth To Their Dreams

#154 - Why Single People Should Give Birth To Their Dreams

If you’ve been listening to this show for quite some time now, then you know how we often talk about our North star goals and why this is important.

Each one of us has dreams and goals in life. And they may start out to be pure, innocent, bold, and audacious. But as we grow older, we tend to be disconnected from our goals because of the changes we encounter throughout the different phases of our lives. Some good, some bad, but altogether different. And these changes can somehow realign us from what we originally thought about where we would be and what we would achieve in our lives.

This is why having a north star goal or dream in life is essential. It helps anchor us to the path we wish to take. It helps keep us grounded while also pushing us to achieve what we’ve set out for ourselves. 

Listen to this episode to know why it’s important to give birth to something that’s important to you and how you can pour out the best of yourself to achieve your dream.

Listen to Episode 154 to learn more!

  • Make the best use of your time and avoid aimless activities
  • Build a list of what you need to do and achieve to stay the course
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Giving birth to something means pouring out the very best of yourself into something
  • The more you invest in a skill, the more it will flow through you Having accountability brings you one step closer to giving birth to your dream

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