#151 – Why Suffering Isn’t Always Bad

#151 - Why Suffering Isn't Always Bad

Suffering makes us human. We grow and learn through the pain and suffering life gives us. We cannot progress if we choose to stay in our comfort zone.

Short-term suffering leads to great victories. When we allow short-term suffering into our lives, we are creating the space to flourish our minds and spirits and become the better version of ourselves. The more we try to avoid suffering in the short term, the more suffering we will have in the long run.

In this episode, Andrew talks about the significant reasons why suffering isn’t always a negative thing, the difference between short-term suffering and long-term suffering, and the long-term repercussions of how we choose to respond to the suffering that we are experiencing in the moment.

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  • How people perceive suffering
  • Short-term suffering leads to long-term problems
  • Why it is important for us to sacrifice things that are not in our best interests?
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • Avoiding suffering is avoiding its growth
  • The importance of starting our day right
  • Letting go of our inconveniences

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