#149 - God's Sexuality with Dr. Sandra & John Lowen

#149 – God’s Sexuality with Dr. Sandra & John Lowen

The expression of sexuality is a part of the perfect plan that God has for the world. When we look at sexuality in the realm of our hearts and mind, we will be able to become people who are genuinely sexual wherein our sexuality ultimately becomes an integral part of our mental processes, our emotional states, our life experiences, and most importantly, our spiritual beliefs.

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Sandra and John Lowen, a powerhouse couple that represents heaven and earth. They share with us the nature of God’s sexuality as well as how sexuality manifests itself across the creation. Dr. Sandra and John Lowen also discuss the most significant challenge that the current generation faces in terms of romantic relationships, the actions that a single person can take to get ready for a loving sexual relationship, and the significance of spending time by ourselves to learn more about who we are rather than engaging in unhealthy habits such as pornography.

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  • The spiritual nature of sexuality
  • The expression of sex without the genitals
  • The Cultural Manifestation of sex in Europe
  • Sexuality is powerful
  • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on sexuality
  • The hookup culture
  • The biggest issue regarding relationships that the present generation faces
  • How can a single person prepare for a loving sexual relationship?
  • The Blessed Couple Podcast
  • The significance of understanding the emotional sponsor of the act of sex
  • The difference between the written tradition and the oral tradition
  • How important is it to understand exactly what you want as opposed to arguing about what you don’t want?
  • What causes our fear of being by ourselves?
  • Getting to know yourself is the replacement for pornography

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